Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 12, 2014

"Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of Enthusiasm"

Hahaha, that quote pretty much describes how I feel about Haltom. Sometimes I have lost enthusiasm though. 

So this week, we met this guy named Joaquin. He has some... interesting ideas about the Godhead. Hahaha, he was telling us that God and Jesus and the Spirit were the same (not that unusual or hard to teach the truth), until all of the sudden he agreed that God has a body. But not just 1, God apparently has 7 bodies. And can astral project himself into any of them, or if he wants he can just go around in spirit form. And every time the bible says the word "cielos" or "heaven" it is really talking about the 4th dimension. Needless to say, I learned a lot this week. Jk, he's really confused and he LOVES to talk, like a Texas talker on steroids laced with heroin. 

The good thing is, that I realized how much my knowledge and testimony have grown. Before, I might have questioned myself or something, but this time I was whippin' out scriptures right and left. I have the quickest draw this side of the Mississippi furr shurr. 

I went on exchanges with 2 missionaries that are getting trained, both of them in their area. Haha, it was pretty tiring. They want to do the best for sure, but they're just newbies and don't know what they're doing haha. They were both super stressed the whole day. They were all rigid, like a breadstick. I tried to give them the funk, but they wouldn't accept it. Haha, it was pretty fun, but it's been a tiring week.

Today, when I went to turn off the shower, the hot water wouldn't turn off. The tub filler upper faucet was just pounding water pure hard. I tried to play plumber, but the only tools I had were a bike multi tool and a crappy pedal wrench. I did pretty good at taking apart the whole tub, but I couldn't fix anything. So now our hot water is running until "later" when maintenance gets around to it. Oh well.

So when I was fixing the tub I moved my bike to get into the closet behind it, then when I came down 30 minutes later, my front tire was completely flat. There is no hole in the tube. I have no idea how all the air left. I studied patience as a Christlike attribute Sunday, and I suspect the Big Man upstairs is trying to help me. Thank you? 

Anywhey, next week are transfers. I have some good guesses of where I am going to go, but I'm not telling because I'm always wrong. 

I don't have any more pictures of me or from my camera, but one of the missionaries in my district let me borrow his usb to copy music, so here are some of him. 



August 4, 2014
Tater Tots and Jedi's

Hi guys! 

This week was one of those weeks where pretty much everything was pure average. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened at all haha. 

We had Zone Conference and it was pretty cool. I learned a lot. President wants us to ask y'all for some cool family history stories, so if you could send me some fun ones? I thought of Uncle Alvin and the Bear haha, and for some reason the cremation of Sam McGee even though he's not in our family. The problem with family history and Latinos is 1. nobody really cares (I have tried to contact like 10 people and they strait up say "no" or "I don't really care" haha), and 2. there are not a ton of records so it is purty hard to do genealogy.

Anyway, just so you know, basketball went really well last week. I have gotten way better out here. Look out D-Man!


P.S. Thank you for the picture sender thingy!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Night Stories

Hi guys. Not a ton happened this week. It was really hot, and we tracted a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And the funny thing is, nobody was interested. You're right, it's not that funny. 

On Monday the church was closed so we couldn't play basketball, so my rhythm this whole week has been off. Look out everyone, 2 weeks of pent-up basketball rage is going to come down like hellfire in roughly 2 hours. 

We have zone conference this week, so I am pretty excited. It should be a good one. 

Noone came to church this week, but that's ok. Next week!

Sunday night story again- so after church on Sunday we got on the bikes and headed off to see some investigators. Roughly 30 seconds in, I realized my back tire was pretty flat and it made it hard to pedal, but I decided to wing it anyway. At 6:53 I realized I had to go the bathroom (numbah 2) because of some mexican foods we ate at dinner. I thought "oh, I'll just hold it till we go home so we don't waste time." So, we went and talked to some people and whatnot. Around 8:30, we decided to go contact one more person before calling it a night. I was trying to cut through a parking lot to save time, because at this point, every second counted, when I realized I had to jump a curb. I didn't want to slam my low back tire and pop it, so right before I jumped I hit my breaks. I immediately regretted that decision. I went heels over head, and bike over heels into a nice patch of dirt and rocks. Luckily, my neck broke my fall. Don't worry Dad, the bike is fine and in working order. Me too, by the way. I didn't even poop in my pants either. Phew. 

Anywhey, I thought y'all would enjoy that story. Have a good week!