Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty Salty Language

Week 9, A whole new Squirril

Whelp, as always, life is good here. I decided the only thing that is good about not having any mountains (or hills, or really any variation in the terrain at all) is that the sunrise/sunset is super cool. So there is actually one good thing about not having mountains. One.

Our investigator is named Maria (just like every other Spanish person here, not racist, just a fact) and her 2 kids Raul and Alex, and she couldn't come to church yesterday, because she had to work, it was a big old bummer. We always challenge to baptism on the first lesson, so we invited her. Funny story though, when I tried to extend a date, she said no. I was pretty hurt, but she said she was supposed to have a baby on that day. I was still pretty clueless, they didn't go over these situations in the MTC, so that was fun. That is basically all of the investigators we have that are showing a lot of promise, so we are trying to find s'more. 

We usually run in the mornings or go to a gym that the place has. There is a cool little forest thing next to our apartments, and one day we went running in there and found a hobo camp. I think we are going to explore more in there. 

I got the package this week! It was so great! Haha, those pants are the best things ever, they are super comfy and I just loves them. They are sweet! Thznk yzo szo mzch!

Typical day
630- Wake up, exercise
7- shower, eat breakfast, get dressed
8-personal study
9-companion study
10- new missionary study
11-language study
1-finally leave apartment, go do missionary things
5-eat dinner
6-go do more missionary things
9-come back to apartment, plan for tomorrow, and do anything else
1030- go to bed

Elder Long was my district leader in the MTC, he is in St. George Utah on his mish, and he was a way funny guy, I would joke around with him a lot. 

There aren't really fun door approaches, either they are white and dinguses or they are Spanish and pretend they don't speak English. I found these things at Wal-Mart called rice sides, those are pretty good. We had a zone conference, and the Pres was there, so that was cool to hear him talk. We also had our stake conference. One of the speakers said "Let your words be the salt that gives the gospel flavor." So, my goal for this week is to have pretty salty language. 

P-Day- I am gonna get a haircut, and then play basketball at the church with a bunch of other missionaries. 

Cowboy Jesus

Ok, so new plan, I am gonna write down a little summary of every day, and then send that home. Starting next week, because I didn't do it this week. Pretty much this week was really cold. Nobody told me Texas got cold. It is super cold. 

Monday at 9:00 = Companion Study
I have to give a training in district meeting about how prayer is important, so that is what I have been studying lately.

We haven't had a ton of luck with meeting new people lately, it is pretty hard to do. The worst is white people, (never thought I'd say that), but they will never even listen. 

The strangest thing that happened and the weirdest person were the same, but basically this old white guy sang us a song about Cowboy Jesus in the middle of our lesson and it was 4 verses long and then it was really weird after he stopped because I didn't know if I should clap or leave, so that was real weird, but also really great. 

We had a thanksgiving dinner ward activity at the church on Saturday, so I had thanksgiving dinner, but the turkey was really spicy and it was weird.

Of course I didn't make my bed this morning.

Again, pretty much every white non-member hates the missionaries, it is kinda funny.

I don't know which hour was the best or worst, probably when I am asleep and having sweet dreams about flying or something are the best, and the worst was when we had to ride our bikes like 5 miles and it was like 33 degrees and raining pretty hard and pretty windy, that wasn't that fun. 

Anyway, this week we barely taught any lessons, we go out and try to see people or tract or do missionary stuff all day, but the people don't answer the door or aren't there or something, so it is really annoying. We are trying to find new people to teach, because we need them a tonzz. 

So yeah, that is that. I got my new bike this week and it is sweet. It took forever to go get because we got pretty lost, so that was not that fun. Also that was the day of the cold rain, so also not fun, but hey, I got a new bike (again). You guys keep saying "you may have heard" or "you probably have heard" but think for a second, where am I going to hear this stuff? I am a missionary, 2,929 miles away from home, and I can talk to people for 1 hour 1 day a week. I don't hear squat. Ha ha, I don’t hear stuff, so that is pretty different. 

So yesterday, there was supposed to be some huge ice rain storm (from what I understand, it is sleet that freezes later) so they had 1 hour of church for everyone, and since our block was 1st, all the people had to listen to Spanish church. I did one of the sacrament blessings in Spanish and it was kinda hard. But then the storm never came, so that was pretty dumb of whoever is in charge. 

In other news (literally) I think I was in a news story this week. I went and did service at Our Daily Bread on Tuesday, and then a reporter showed up and took my picture and my name, so I may or may not be in a news story for the Dallas Morning News or maybe some other newspaper I don't really remember, but hey, that's kinda cool right?


Heather Hansen

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fireflies and Pet Iguanas

Well This week was a good one.  On Tuesday we went to the Reunion of the Zone and all of the elders in our pension went to Alejandro Korn on bikes again, woo!  It was way fun hoppin over stuff and doing tricks but Elder Granados tried jumping a speed bump and the next thing I saw was him baseball sliding on the ground haha. The first thing he said after he fell was "my tie!"
We had lunch with the Sajamas and I helped them with the garden that we are making and studied a bit.  After that we taught a girl named Daiana.  She was talking about how she is closed off and doesn’t like to share all of her feelings but I was really, really tired so I accidentally started to drift off and just completely zone out-- until I heard the words "...and then his family had me trapped in a room and were trying to kill me, so I had to jump out the window..." and then my ears perked up.  I was pleasantly surprised how much of it I understood.
When we went outside it was nice and cool with frogs croaking and grasshoppers chirping and I saw fireflies.  I was so stoked to see the fireflies cause the only other time I have seen them was in Pittsburgh 8 years ago.  While we were biking home there were a bunch of them and you wouldn’t see them until you were about to ram a whole heard of them and they all lit up at the same time.  When we were bookin on our bikes they kinda looked like bullets in the air so I was pretending to dodge bullets on my bike.  
The next day we went to a grandmas house and taught her a lesson but she was a bit crazy and kept on saying super funny but weird things.  One of them was how the Sabbath is on Saturday and when we tried correcting her she told us "no...I know I’m right...I read it somewhere in Nephi..."  I don’t know why it was so funny to me, but I thought it was so dang funny so I started to laugh way hard to the point that I was crying.  I had to hide behind my companion and then when I finally calmed down I pretended to be coughing and said "sorry, I have a really bad cold..." 
The next day we taught a girl named Barby again.  My companion did his signature move and had me talk.  But I think that it went dang good so I was stoked about it.  Maybe it is doing me good haha. We then went to a less active family and taught about faith and her son came with us to teach a lesson to an investigator who was in church on Sunday.  We started teaching but then the friend started joking and then we just lost it from there.  Nobody was paying any attention, people were drawing, other people were talking, others were fighting over papers, I don’t even know how but the TV got turned on.  Just all sorts of chaos in 5 seconds.  So I tried to be as entertaining as possible and it was the best lesson I have ever taught.
On Saturday we went to a service project like an hour away.  We had to be there at 8 so we had to wake up at 6 and be out the door at 630 so that we could make it to the project.  We got to the place and then didn’t have anything ready and there was nobody there haha.  They didn’t have any sand paper so Elder Prestwich and I doubled it up on a crappy bike that they had there and we biked with me sitting on the back and him on the seat to the closest tool store.  We bought some paint and sandpaper and then we went back to the Project.  We just sanded and painted a kindergarten but it was super fun. After classes of English, Fernanda told us how she was feeling sick and a lot of crappy things were happening in her life and then my companion said we can give you a blessing and my companion will give it for you.  He says this a lot but this time I don’t know why but I felt that it was the best blessing that I have given here.
Here are some things strange about Argentina:
I saw a guy walking his pet iguana this week.  I’m not too sure that it was alive cause it looked like it was just being dragged but it was an iguana.
And a lot of the houses here but cement and broken pieces of glass on their walls so that nobody can climb them.  
I hope that everything is going good for you guys.  I love you all.  Be safe and I will write some more next week.


Biking with the Soup


Hi there everybody! 
Well Last Monday was pretty not fun.  My comp didn’t have any money and so we didn’t go to the Zone activity.  Boo... and then after lunch I rode down a little hill and lost my favorite pen that I have been using since the beginning of my mission. Boo... and then after that we went to the Internet cafe and I forgot my flash drive there.  Boo.. And then we went and taught a lesson and I had been writing in English all day so all of the Spanish that I had was completely gone.  Haha it was so dang embarrassing...  I was feelin it early into the lesson.  The girl told us she wants to change her life so I was like "man invite her to baptism right here” so I went for it.  And I asked her the question.  And then she sat there for a minute or two just thinking.  The whole time we were making eye contact.  Me sitting there 4 feet away just staring at her, waiting for her response.  Then she broke the silence by saying, "Was that a question?"... Yes... yes it was... I stumbled for words and couldn’t find any.  It kinda felt like I had just woke up and was kind of still dreaming and I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  All I ended up saying was companero puede explicar....  and then I just sat in on the lesson feeling like the kid wearing the dunce cap in front of his class.
The next day was Tuesday.  Every Tuesday we have reunion of the District which is 5 or 6 areas that get together and talk about how we can improve and whatnot.  We meet in a place called Alejandro Korn which by bus is a good 15-20 minutes away.  We went to the reunion biking the whole way and it took us about 35 minutes from our Pension but it was way sweet.  We are all learning how to jump and whatnot on our bikes so we were all trying to the whole way and it was super fun.  After the reunion we went back to Parque Americana and taught 2 or 3 lessons.  On our way back we passed the hill where I lost my pen so I figured I might as well try, if I don’t look now I’m gonna regret it.  So I checked, in vain or so I thought. I was looking everywhere but trying not to slow my comp down because he isn’t the most patient person in the whole world, and I saw something glint in the sunlight.  I booked over to it and it was my pen!!!  Haha I was so stoked to find it.  I was grinning like an idiot the whole way to our Pension.  I was feelin it so I asked my comp if we could try and look for my pen drive.  He told me very reluctantly "Ok...” So we went and I looked for it and it wasn’t there so I was bummed about that, but as I was leaving I asked the Grandma who was working there and she told me that a girl turned it in!  Haha thank the man up top for honest people.  Anyways I was super stoked about the whole day.  Some good lessons, a good bike ride, and I found my stuff.
The next day we taught our lessons in Parque again and then we made our way back to Fernanda’s house. On the way home my comp and I were disagreeing about something and he pulled out a low blow about my Spanish so I was a bit ticked but it was a bit true so not too ticked, just a little.  Anyways we were riding our bikes I jumped a curb and my companion tried to hop the curb in front of me but he jumped too early and not high enough, and I saw it with my own two eyes, like it was a movie in slowmo, he crashed into the curb and went head over heels on the bike and landed sitting on his butt.   They have a saying here "bajar la caƱa" which translates to "drop the cane" which means to put somebody in their place.  I know that it’s messed up and I’m supposed to be trying to help him with everything but I couldn’t help but laugh. 
On Friday I woke up and thought, "there be a storm brewin..." It was dark black clouds as far as the eye could see.   it started to rain.  We finished our weekly planning at 12 and it was raining harder.  We had lunch with the Family Avalos but it was one of the Hermana’s birthdays and she washes our clothes every week and folds them too so we went and bought them some plants and a pie.  We went to the store and within 5 minutes of being outside I was soaked. My socks were sloshing every step. When we got there, water was coming through the roof so they weren’t in the highest of spirits. But we ate anyways, in silence. After our lunch it started to rain harder so we decided to go back to the Pension and wait for it to calm down a bit because there were streets with water up to my shins.
On Saturday, we had a recent convert Alex come teach with us the whole day.  He is 18 and super awesome.  I feel like I’m hanging out with a homie when he comes teaching with us.  On Sunday it was Ward Conference so we had been telling people to bring friends and we were working hard to get all the menos activos and investigators as was possible and luckily it was a sunny day so we had over 100 people show up.  
The next day I woke up, jump roped for 30 minutes and then I made some veggie soup for lunch at the church.  We still had a butt load and I didn’t want to waste it but I didn’t have anything to bring it home in so I biked for 15 minutes with a huge pot full of soup in one hand and steering with the other.  My arm was dang tired 5 minutes into the ride but I was determined.  Close to the house a girl walked in front of me and I didn’t have time to stop so I just turned right.  It was a bad decision because there was a bus stop to the right so I ended up just crashing into it and looking like an idiot, but I didn’t spill any soup so there’s a plus, right?  
Have a good week.

I love you all, Andy

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elder Cook: October Update

Oct 1
Well how is everyone doing?? Everything is good here! We were able to go to the temple yesterday and it took all day so we didn't get to email or anything yesterday! But here I am today! The temple was awesome though! I always feel the spirit so strongly whenever I go there! I wish that we could go more often but its not like being in Utah where there is a 2 or 3 temples like 20 minutes away! We left the church at 9:30 am with everyone in our zone and we got home at 7 pm! It was an all day thing and we only went through once! But it was fun and I get to go again in a year!!! We go once every year... but anyway it was good! We went to the Monticello temple and it is really small!!! But yeah that was yesterday! This last week I was able to take over the area because of the 12 week training program we have and since it was week 11 I had to be senior companion and make the decisions on everything! It went pretty good and the transfer ends in one week! So this next transfer I could have a trainee or just a regular companion?? We won't find out till this Saturday! But this weekend is General conference and I have never been so excited for general conference!!! I love it now!! I can't wait till it comes! But on to investigators! We got a new investigator named Craig and we are going to see him at 2 which is in like a half an hour and we are going to invite him to be baptized on November 2! Hopefully that goes well! But with Ken and Heidi, we are also seeing them tonight and I think there son is doing better! They are getting back from UNM which is a hospital and so we will see how that goes. But we are going to have to push their baptism date back to October 26! Its for the best though. And last we had a great spiritual experience with a less active family! The Sanderson's! They were baptized in 2006 but then the husband had something happen to him and so he started drinking and usually when we would go over, he would always be in the back room, but a couple of nights ago he came out and we just told us how he wanted to get his soul back and get things back to the way the used to be before he started drinking! Apparently he was really strong and he got the priesthood really fast and was doing really well and really spiritual. But then his father committed suicide and he felt awful and started going back to his old habits and started drinking. But I could feel the spirit so strong and the adversary is always working on him so hard because he is really a great man deep down! But we had some members come with us and he is looking forward to our visit with him tomorrow! Well that is all for the week! I got to get going! But talk to ya all next week!!
Elder Cook

Oct 7
Well I have been out two transfers so far and I am starting my third! To begin, General Conference was awesome! So many good talks and Justin, you are right about General Conference being like Christmas out in the mission field! I was so stoked this whole last week! And now that it is over, I cant wait until the next one in 6 months!!! But everything is going great here in Farmington! I will be here another transfer and I am taking over the area! I am getting a new companion tomorrow named Elder Poulson! I have heard he is pretty funny so I am looking forward to that! This last week was great though! We put one of our investigators on date to be baptized for November 2! His name is Craig and he is pretty solid! Whenever an investigator just shows up at church with a member that is their friend, they are always solid! At least so far that I have seen! But he already knows that the church is true! We just have to teach him some more things! Maybe he will even get baptized even sooner because he is progressing so well! But also with our investigators Ken and Heidi! Heidi finally got back from the hospital with her son and she watched most of the Conference sessions and Ken watched the Sunday ones only because he has to work on Saturday! But Heidi was saying how well Conference applied to her specifically and it was awesome to hear! Well those are our two most progressing investigators! But this last Saturday I was thinking all about the chocolate haunted houses and I missed making them! They were awesome! But that morning we were on our way to a members house to watch General Conference and I was thinking about our Saturday morning traditions for conference and I was thinking how much I will miss this Halloween because that is my favorite holiday but then we got to the members and they made us lunch after! And Brother Smith just came out with a plate full of huge ribs and with conference combined with ribs.... I completely forgot about Halloween! Ha the members here are awesome! Anyway those were the highlights of this week! Well hope everyone has a good week and I look forward to emailing next week!
Elder Cook
Oct 14
Well how is everything going!?? Another week has gone by! That went by so fast! But anyway everything is good here! I am still in Farmington with my new companion, Elder Poulson! He is really cool and we are getting a long great! We have had a pretty good week! It started off kind of slow because of transfers and we had 4 Elders with us at one point so it made it hard to go and teach people because we had so many! But Elder Young my former companion is gone. He is in Tohatchi which is just north of Gallup if you know where that is in New Mexico. It is kind of in the west part of the state. But anyway he is gone and I am still in Farmington New Mexico. And we are still on bikes! Elder Poulson is still trying to get used to them! It is very tiring the first couple of weeks on bikes because you get so sore. But it is good! We are having a lot of fun and we are still teaching a lot of people! And we have 3 on date to be baptized and one of them is really solid so we might get a baptism sometime soon! Hopefully! But it is starting to get cold here! But we have our suit coats that we have to wear now because it is suit season! I really should have got all my suits at DI because they are going to be destroyed anyway! And we go to a thrift store here in Farmington looking for new suit coats because they are like 3 bucks and some of them are really nice! I got a tan colored on that is 64% wool and 34% camel hair! Ha it is awesome! But i cant wear it till I get some tan colored pants because we have to match for the most part. Anyway things are going great! We had a cool experience happen on Friday! We were in a usual area that we have a lot of investigators around and it is all tracted out so we never get new investigators around there anymore. But we were walking around and we tried someone that I havent seen in awhile that we could never catch and we havent tried this person in like 2 months. But we went and knocked and I didn't think anyone one answer but a new person that I have never seen was there and it turns out that the other person that lived there before moved and we didn't know. But she invited us in and said that she saw us the night before (because we are always over there) and she wanted to talk to us but she didn't. But she invited us in and her whole family was home and we got 5 new investigators and they said they wanted to come to church this upcoming Sunday! But yeah that was really cool! And then later we got two new investigators somewhere else so we had 7 new investigators in one day which was really cool and way good! That is almost double our standards of excellence for a week!!!! But anyway Elder Poulson is awesome! He is technically the senior companion because he has been out 16 months but since he came to the area I am in then that means that I am pretty much leading for right now because he doesnt know anyone or any place to go! But yeah all is well here! Also if you have pictures send them! I want to get more pictures just to be able to have! I have a couple from when Justina and Alli sent me some and also when Jenna sent me some! But yeah send more if you can! Anyway that is really all for this week! Hope to hear from you all next week!!
Elder Cook

"This is my zone leader Elder Waldo. He makes really good tacos!"

"For the last little bit of conference we had to watch outside because the husband had to leave"

"My district!"

"A cat jumped on my seat and wanted to ride with me! :)"

Oct 21
Well how is everyone doing?? Everything is going great here! I am just loving it out here and everything is going well! But this last week was a good one! Just a couple of quick stories! Well we we went to go teach one of our investigators and we had a great lesson with them and it was the first lesson! But they told us that they have been looking for a church to join and also they offered us dinner which has never happened to me! But we had another appointment to go to.but they invited us to dinner tonight and so we are going there at 5 to have dinner with them and also we are going to teach them more! I have a good feeling about them! But also this really cool experience happened. So there is a member that does our laundry for us every Friday and so this last Friday she said she couldn't because her son was in the Hospital and was in really bad shape. Well she asked if we could go give a blessing and so we did and we get there and he was in the ICU and so it wasn't looking very good for him. He had a ventilator and that was the only way he could breathe and so we get in there and he was unconscious and the nurse said that it was not looking good for him. Well I was a little scared to give a blessing because he was in such bad shape but I was just relying so much on the Lord right there because this was a members son that was inactive and he had smoking problems and he also had pneumonia and so it did something to his lungs or something like that. But I was scared but at the same time peaceful. But anyway my companion anointed and I gave the blessing and anyway we got a call this morning from the member and she said that her son was doing great! The doctors said it was a miracle that he got well so fast and that if he would have stayed on the ventilator for another 12 hours then he would have died. But he is doing really well now and he is off the ventilator and so that was a huge blessing! But I know that this church is true and just all the things that I have experienced on my mission so far have only built that up! But anyway I am loving it out here and I can't wait to hear how things are going with everyone! But I have to go! I'll talk to you all next week with more spiritual experiences hopefully!!!
Elder Bradley Cook
Oct 28
Well this letter might be a little short today just because not all that much happened this last week! I actually got sick with the stomach flu so we had to stay home for a while! But it was still a pretty good week! But we were able to go see the guy we gave a blessing to and he is doing really well! He is up and walking around and that is pretty crazy seeing as how I saw him on a ventilator the week before! But yeah he is doing really well and as long as he eats healthy then he should be able to go back to normal in a couple of months! But also this last week we had two new investigators that wanted to feed us so we went and had dinner with them and it was really cool because they were just so nice and it is so cool to see how the Lord prepares people! But anyway me and my companion are way excited for Halloween this week! We have to go in early that night so we will have like 3 hours to do nothing so we are probably going to invite our District leader over and a couple of other missionaries over and play some monopoly or something like that! But we get to go to our ward's Halloween party and I am way excited! Ha but we can't dress up which is a bummer! Well we can dress up as missionaries!!!! But yeah this last wee was good and it sounds like everything is going well back home! And also Happy Birthday Steve! But anyway that is all for this week! Sorry but hopefully I will have more next week!! Love you all!!
Elder Cook

#shoutouts from Cole

Ok, ok so yes I did get mad at Cole for not writing very much last week, so that is why he formatted the letter this way (love him!!): 

Alright, so Mom got on me for not being a good enough writer, but the problem is I just don't have that much time. So real quick, I get a little less than 1 hour to email, and write to the President and a whole bunch of other stuff, so really no time at all. I guess the best thing is, if you are really mad at me, I won't get in trouble for like 2 more years. Sorry my letters are pretty LAME, but I do my best.

I cook kinda, I make eggs for breakfast and rice and mac and cheese and easy stuff, but I don't think there is a ton of time for a full meal or somesing. The best thing I ate was probably I made some really great mac and cheese, or McDonalds has some new stuff on the dollar menu, so that was good. I try to write details in here, but I don't even have details yet ha ha, I have only been here for 2 weeks and I haven't even met all of our investigators. We are working with this family I knocked into on my first day and they have already been to church twice, which is pretty crazy. 

#shoutout time-
#shoutout to Dad- We have a couple promising investigators, but we have had real trouble getting a hold of people this week. The apartment is fine, ha ha a little dumpy, even for a missionary apartment, but it is whatever. I went on exchanges the other day and got to stay at a sweet apartment that the other elders have. The ward is pretty cool, but we have 6 missionaries in the ward so every thing needs to be split 3 ways. We pretty much only tract, but we are trying to ask for more referrals and whatnot lately. I usually approach in English, and if people say they don't speak English I feel way cool and say "oh that's ok because we speak Spanish. We're the Missionaries..." But in Spanish and stuff. The fishing sounds sweet! I'm still pretty butthurt that you took Nate and Dalton hunting without me.

#shoutout to Mom- You're mad at me. ha ha. I try to give details but the real thing is that I don't know anything yet. Last P-day we played basketball all day, and I have no Idea what this one will be like. We are teaching a few people, but like I said, we are having trouble with them actually being there. 

#shoutout to Nate- You salty sea-dog, I haven't heard from you in like a month. 

#shoutout to Liza- You didn't write me either last week, so don't blame me, blame yourself. I heard you are doing way good at track and young womaning, so good job at those. But way good job at track, jump high and stuff!

#shoutout to Dalton- Denton is pretty cool. Literally, it is kinda cold. What is the Saint's record, I also don't believe the Jets won. I also heard you're starting basketball, win some games and stuff!

#shoutout to Leena- Hey you little stinker! I haven't heard from you in forever, what the Heck! I guess you're making friends at school, be nice to them. Also give em wet willies and stuff. 

Whellp, that is all I have for this week. I am learning Spanish well, I feel like I learn a ton of new stuff everyday, but I don't know anything. Sometimes when things get really awkward in a lesson or conversation I can pretend like I don't understand and so that is good. Love you all and all that mischief! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cole's First Week In Texas

So first off, I didn't call in Mexico because I was pretty pooped and I didn't really want to talk that much. Jk, I needed some weird Mexican credit card to do it so I couldn't, and also I got trapped talking to a group of Spanish nuns. When I got into America, there was simply no time to call, so there is my explanation.

Haha, I am pretty sure that you guys no more about Denton than I do. I have a ward, and there are 3 groups of Spanish missionaries that go to that ward, I have just me and Elder Long in the Apartment. Elder Long is a baller, and a super great missionary. We actually don't teach English Tuesday nights, but we might start soonish. The bike is sweet, I love hittin taking it off some sweet jumps and that kind of mischief. Sometimes its hard when I have diarrhea and bumpy roads, but I manage. Just kidding, I don't have either of those things, I am in America. 

We have been doing a lot of tracting and finding new investigators, so that is cool. We knock doors, and if they're English, we teach in English, and if Spanish, we teach in Spanish, so that is cool. 

For Halloween, we went to a ward trunk or treat thing and helped out, so that was really weird. Denton is a biking area, so no cars #yolo. Biking is kinda hard, but I like it a lot. We eat with members a little, and then we have just been eating whatever is left in the apartment from the last elders. 

So at the Airport, I didn't even have time to get food, so I haven't had any fast food yet. I have placed a couple of Book of Mormons, and pretty much I just try my best.