Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elder Cook: October Update

Oct 1
Well how is everyone doing?? Everything is good here! We were able to go to the temple yesterday and it took all day so we didn't get to email or anything yesterday! But here I am today! The temple was awesome though! I always feel the spirit so strongly whenever I go there! I wish that we could go more often but its not like being in Utah where there is a 2 or 3 temples like 20 minutes away! We left the church at 9:30 am with everyone in our zone and we got home at 7 pm! It was an all day thing and we only went through once! But it was fun and I get to go again in a year!!! We go once every year... but anyway it was good! We went to the Monticello temple and it is really small!!! But yeah that was yesterday! This last week I was able to take over the area because of the 12 week training program we have and since it was week 11 I had to be senior companion and make the decisions on everything! It went pretty good and the transfer ends in one week! So this next transfer I could have a trainee or just a regular companion?? We won't find out till this Saturday! But this weekend is General conference and I have never been so excited for general conference!!! I love it now!! I can't wait till it comes! But on to investigators! We got a new investigator named Craig and we are going to see him at 2 which is in like a half an hour and we are going to invite him to be baptized on November 2! Hopefully that goes well! But with Ken and Heidi, we are also seeing them tonight and I think there son is doing better! They are getting back from UNM which is a hospital and so we will see how that goes. But we are going to have to push their baptism date back to October 26! Its for the best though. And last we had a great spiritual experience with a less active family! The Sanderson's! They were baptized in 2006 but then the husband had something happen to him and so he started drinking and usually when we would go over, he would always be in the back room, but a couple of nights ago he came out and we just told us how he wanted to get his soul back and get things back to the way the used to be before he started drinking! Apparently he was really strong and he got the priesthood really fast and was doing really well and really spiritual. But then his father committed suicide and he felt awful and started going back to his old habits and started drinking. But I could feel the spirit so strong and the adversary is always working on him so hard because he is really a great man deep down! But we had some members come with us and he is looking forward to our visit with him tomorrow! Well that is all for the week! I got to get going! But talk to ya all next week!!
Elder Cook

Oct 7
Well I have been out two transfers so far and I am starting my third! To begin, General Conference was awesome! So many good talks and Justin, you are right about General Conference being like Christmas out in the mission field! I was so stoked this whole last week! And now that it is over, I cant wait until the next one in 6 months!!! But everything is going great here in Farmington! I will be here another transfer and I am taking over the area! I am getting a new companion tomorrow named Elder Poulson! I have heard he is pretty funny so I am looking forward to that! This last week was great though! We put one of our investigators on date to be baptized for November 2! His name is Craig and he is pretty solid! Whenever an investigator just shows up at church with a member that is their friend, they are always solid! At least so far that I have seen! But he already knows that the church is true! We just have to teach him some more things! Maybe he will even get baptized even sooner because he is progressing so well! But also with our investigators Ken and Heidi! Heidi finally got back from the hospital with her son and she watched most of the Conference sessions and Ken watched the Sunday ones only because he has to work on Saturday! But Heidi was saying how well Conference applied to her specifically and it was awesome to hear! Well those are our two most progressing investigators! But this last Saturday I was thinking all about the chocolate haunted houses and I missed making them! They were awesome! But that morning we were on our way to a members house to watch General Conference and I was thinking about our Saturday morning traditions for conference and I was thinking how much I will miss this Halloween because that is my favorite holiday but then we got to the members and they made us lunch after! And Brother Smith just came out with a plate full of huge ribs and with conference combined with ribs.... I completely forgot about Halloween! Ha the members here are awesome! Anyway those were the highlights of this week! Well hope everyone has a good week and I look forward to emailing next week!
Elder Cook
Oct 14
Well how is everything going!?? Another week has gone by! That went by so fast! But anyway everything is good here! I am still in Farmington with my new companion, Elder Poulson! He is really cool and we are getting a long great! We have had a pretty good week! It started off kind of slow because of transfers and we had 4 Elders with us at one point so it made it hard to go and teach people because we had so many! But Elder Young my former companion is gone. He is in Tohatchi which is just north of Gallup if you know where that is in New Mexico. It is kind of in the west part of the state. But anyway he is gone and I am still in Farmington New Mexico. And we are still on bikes! Elder Poulson is still trying to get used to them! It is very tiring the first couple of weeks on bikes because you get so sore. But it is good! We are having a lot of fun and we are still teaching a lot of people! And we have 3 on date to be baptized and one of them is really solid so we might get a baptism sometime soon! Hopefully! But it is starting to get cold here! But we have our suit coats that we have to wear now because it is suit season! I really should have got all my suits at DI because they are going to be destroyed anyway! And we go to a thrift store here in Farmington looking for new suit coats because they are like 3 bucks and some of them are really nice! I got a tan colored on that is 64% wool and 34% camel hair! Ha it is awesome! But i cant wear it till I get some tan colored pants because we have to match for the most part. Anyway things are going great! We had a cool experience happen on Friday! We were in a usual area that we have a lot of investigators around and it is all tracted out so we never get new investigators around there anymore. But we were walking around and we tried someone that I havent seen in awhile that we could never catch and we havent tried this person in like 2 months. But we went and knocked and I didn't think anyone one answer but a new person that I have never seen was there and it turns out that the other person that lived there before moved and we didn't know. But she invited us in and said that she saw us the night before (because we are always over there) and she wanted to talk to us but she didn't. But she invited us in and her whole family was home and we got 5 new investigators and they said they wanted to come to church this upcoming Sunday! But yeah that was really cool! And then later we got two new investigators somewhere else so we had 7 new investigators in one day which was really cool and way good! That is almost double our standards of excellence for a week!!!! But anyway Elder Poulson is awesome! He is technically the senior companion because he has been out 16 months but since he came to the area I am in then that means that I am pretty much leading for right now because he doesnt know anyone or any place to go! But yeah all is well here! Also if you have pictures send them! I want to get more pictures just to be able to have! I have a couple from when Justina and Alli sent me some and also when Jenna sent me some! But yeah send more if you can! Anyway that is really all for this week! Hope to hear from you all next week!!
Elder Cook

"This is my zone leader Elder Waldo. He makes really good tacos!"

"For the last little bit of conference we had to watch outside because the husband had to leave"

"My district!"

"A cat jumped on my seat and wanted to ride with me! :)"

Oct 21
Well how is everyone doing?? Everything is going great here! I am just loving it out here and everything is going well! But this last week was a good one! Just a couple of quick stories! Well we we went to go teach one of our investigators and we had a great lesson with them and it was the first lesson! But they told us that they have been looking for a church to join and also they offered us dinner which has never happened to me! But we had another appointment to go to.but they invited us to dinner tonight and so we are going there at 5 to have dinner with them and also we are going to teach them more! I have a good feeling about them! But also this really cool experience happened. So there is a member that does our laundry for us every Friday and so this last Friday she said she couldn't because her son was in the Hospital and was in really bad shape. Well she asked if we could go give a blessing and so we did and we get there and he was in the ICU and so it wasn't looking very good for him. He had a ventilator and that was the only way he could breathe and so we get in there and he was unconscious and the nurse said that it was not looking good for him. Well I was a little scared to give a blessing because he was in such bad shape but I was just relying so much on the Lord right there because this was a members son that was inactive and he had smoking problems and he also had pneumonia and so it did something to his lungs or something like that. But I was scared but at the same time peaceful. But anyway my companion anointed and I gave the blessing and anyway we got a call this morning from the member and she said that her son was doing great! The doctors said it was a miracle that he got well so fast and that if he would have stayed on the ventilator for another 12 hours then he would have died. But he is doing really well now and he is off the ventilator and so that was a huge blessing! But I know that this church is true and just all the things that I have experienced on my mission so far have only built that up! But anyway I am loving it out here and I can't wait to hear how things are going with everyone! But I have to go! I'll talk to you all next week with more spiritual experiences hopefully!!!
Elder Bradley Cook
Oct 28
Well this letter might be a little short today just because not all that much happened this last week! I actually got sick with the stomach flu so we had to stay home for a while! But it was still a pretty good week! But we were able to go see the guy we gave a blessing to and he is doing really well! He is up and walking around and that is pretty crazy seeing as how I saw him on a ventilator the week before! But yeah he is doing really well and as long as he eats healthy then he should be able to go back to normal in a couple of months! But also this last week we had two new investigators that wanted to feed us so we went and had dinner with them and it was really cool because they were just so nice and it is so cool to see how the Lord prepares people! But anyway me and my companion are way excited for Halloween this week! We have to go in early that night so we will have like 3 hours to do nothing so we are probably going to invite our District leader over and a couple of other missionaries over and play some monopoly or something like that! But we get to go to our ward's Halloween party and I am way excited! Ha but we can't dress up which is a bummer! Well we can dress up as missionaries!!!! But yeah this last wee was good and it sounds like everything is going well back home! And also Happy Birthday Steve! But anyway that is all for this week! Sorry but hopefully I will have more next week!! Love you all!!
Elder Cook

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