Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#shoutouts from Cole

Ok, ok so yes I did get mad at Cole for not writing very much last week, so that is why he formatted the letter this way (love him!!): 

Alright, so Mom got on me for not being a good enough writer, but the problem is I just don't have that much time. So real quick, I get a little less than 1 hour to email, and write to the President and a whole bunch of other stuff, so really no time at all. I guess the best thing is, if you are really mad at me, I won't get in trouble for like 2 more years. Sorry my letters are pretty LAME, but I do my best.

I cook kinda, I make eggs for breakfast and rice and mac and cheese and easy stuff, but I don't think there is a ton of time for a full meal or somesing. The best thing I ate was probably I made some really great mac and cheese, or McDonalds has some new stuff on the dollar menu, so that was good. I try to write details in here, but I don't even have details yet ha ha, I have only been here for 2 weeks and I haven't even met all of our investigators. We are working with this family I knocked into on my first day and they have already been to church twice, which is pretty crazy. 

#shoutout time-
#shoutout to Dad- We have a couple promising investigators, but we have had real trouble getting a hold of people this week. The apartment is fine, ha ha a little dumpy, even for a missionary apartment, but it is whatever. I went on exchanges the other day and got to stay at a sweet apartment that the other elders have. The ward is pretty cool, but we have 6 missionaries in the ward so every thing needs to be split 3 ways. We pretty much only tract, but we are trying to ask for more referrals and whatnot lately. I usually approach in English, and if people say they don't speak English I feel way cool and say "oh that's ok because we speak Spanish. We're the Missionaries..." But in Spanish and stuff. The fishing sounds sweet! I'm still pretty butthurt that you took Nate and Dalton hunting without me.

#shoutout to Mom- You're mad at me. ha ha. I try to give details but the real thing is that I don't know anything yet. Last P-day we played basketball all day, and I have no Idea what this one will be like. We are teaching a few people, but like I said, we are having trouble with them actually being there. 

#shoutout to Nate- You salty sea-dog, I haven't heard from you in like a month. 

#shoutout to Liza- You didn't write me either last week, so don't blame me, blame yourself. I heard you are doing way good at track and young womaning, so good job at those. But way good job at track, jump high and stuff!

#shoutout to Dalton- Denton is pretty cool. Literally, it is kinda cold. What is the Saint's record, I also don't believe the Jets won. I also heard you're starting basketball, win some games and stuff!

#shoutout to Leena- Hey you little stinker! I haven't heard from you in forever, what the Heck! I guess you're making friends at school, be nice to them. Also give em wet willies and stuff. 

Whellp, that is all I have for this week. I am learning Spanish well, I feel like I learn a ton of new stuff everyday, but I don't know anything. Sometimes when things get really awkward in a lesson or conversation I can pretend like I don't understand and so that is good. Love you all and all that mischief! 

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