Monday, November 18, 2013

Fireflies and Pet Iguanas

Well This week was a good one.  On Tuesday we went to the Reunion of the Zone and all of the elders in our pension went to Alejandro Korn on bikes again, woo!  It was way fun hoppin over stuff and doing tricks but Elder Granados tried jumping a speed bump and the next thing I saw was him baseball sliding on the ground haha. The first thing he said after he fell was "my tie!"
We had lunch with the Sajamas and I helped them with the garden that we are making and studied a bit.  After that we taught a girl named Daiana.  She was talking about how she is closed off and doesn’t like to share all of her feelings but I was really, really tired so I accidentally started to drift off and just completely zone out-- until I heard the words "...and then his family had me trapped in a room and were trying to kill me, so I had to jump out the window..." and then my ears perked up.  I was pleasantly surprised how much of it I understood.
When we went outside it was nice and cool with frogs croaking and grasshoppers chirping and I saw fireflies.  I was so stoked to see the fireflies cause the only other time I have seen them was in Pittsburgh 8 years ago.  While we were biking home there were a bunch of them and you wouldn’t see them until you were about to ram a whole heard of them and they all lit up at the same time.  When we were bookin on our bikes they kinda looked like bullets in the air so I was pretending to dodge bullets on my bike.  
The next day we went to a grandmas house and taught her a lesson but she was a bit crazy and kept on saying super funny but weird things.  One of them was how the Sabbath is on Saturday and when we tried correcting her she told us "no...I know I’m right...I read it somewhere in Nephi..."  I don’t know why it was so funny to me, but I thought it was so dang funny so I started to laugh way hard to the point that I was crying.  I had to hide behind my companion and then when I finally calmed down I pretended to be coughing and said "sorry, I have a really bad cold..." 
The next day we taught a girl named Barby again.  My companion did his signature move and had me talk.  But I think that it went dang good so I was stoked about it.  Maybe it is doing me good haha. We then went to a less active family and taught about faith and her son came with us to teach a lesson to an investigator who was in church on Sunday.  We started teaching but then the friend started joking and then we just lost it from there.  Nobody was paying any attention, people were drawing, other people were talking, others were fighting over papers, I don’t even know how but the TV got turned on.  Just all sorts of chaos in 5 seconds.  So I tried to be as entertaining as possible and it was the best lesson I have ever taught.
On Saturday we went to a service project like an hour away.  We had to be there at 8 so we had to wake up at 6 and be out the door at 630 so that we could make it to the project.  We got to the place and then didn’t have anything ready and there was nobody there haha.  They didn’t have any sand paper so Elder Prestwich and I doubled it up on a crappy bike that they had there and we biked with me sitting on the back and him on the seat to the closest tool store.  We bought some paint and sandpaper and then we went back to the Project.  We just sanded and painted a kindergarten but it was super fun. After classes of English, Fernanda told us how she was feeling sick and a lot of crappy things were happening in her life and then my companion said we can give you a blessing and my companion will give it for you.  He says this a lot but this time I don’t know why but I felt that it was the best blessing that I have given here.
Here are some things strange about Argentina:
I saw a guy walking his pet iguana this week.  I’m not too sure that it was alive cause it looked like it was just being dragged but it was an iguana.
And a lot of the houses here but cement and broken pieces of glass on their walls so that nobody can climb them.  
I hope that everything is going good for you guys.  I love you all.  Be safe and I will write some more next week.


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