Monday, November 25, 2013

Cowboy Jesus

Ok, so new plan, I am gonna write down a little summary of every day, and then send that home. Starting next week, because I didn't do it this week. Pretty much this week was really cold. Nobody told me Texas got cold. It is super cold. 

Monday at 9:00 = Companion Study
I have to give a training in district meeting about how prayer is important, so that is what I have been studying lately.

We haven't had a ton of luck with meeting new people lately, it is pretty hard to do. The worst is white people, (never thought I'd say that), but they will never even listen. 

The strangest thing that happened and the weirdest person were the same, but basically this old white guy sang us a song about Cowboy Jesus in the middle of our lesson and it was 4 verses long and then it was really weird after he stopped because I didn't know if I should clap or leave, so that was real weird, but also really great. 

We had a thanksgiving dinner ward activity at the church on Saturday, so I had thanksgiving dinner, but the turkey was really spicy and it was weird.

Of course I didn't make my bed this morning.

Again, pretty much every white non-member hates the missionaries, it is kinda funny.

I don't know which hour was the best or worst, probably when I am asleep and having sweet dreams about flying or something are the best, and the worst was when we had to ride our bikes like 5 miles and it was like 33 degrees and raining pretty hard and pretty windy, that wasn't that fun. 

Anyway, this week we barely taught any lessons, we go out and try to see people or tract or do missionary stuff all day, but the people don't answer the door or aren't there or something, so it is really annoying. We are trying to find new people to teach, because we need them a tonzz. 

So yeah, that is that. I got my new bike this week and it is sweet. It took forever to go get because we got pretty lost, so that was not that fun. Also that was the day of the cold rain, so also not fun, but hey, I got a new bike (again). You guys keep saying "you may have heard" or "you probably have heard" but think for a second, where am I going to hear this stuff? I am a missionary, 2,929 miles away from home, and I can talk to people for 1 hour 1 day a week. I don't hear squat. Ha ha, I don’t hear stuff, so that is pretty different. 

So yesterday, there was supposed to be some huge ice rain storm (from what I understand, it is sleet that freezes later) so they had 1 hour of church for everyone, and since our block was 1st, all the people had to listen to Spanish church. I did one of the sacrament blessings in Spanish and it was kinda hard. But then the storm never came, so that was pretty dumb of whoever is in charge. 

In other news (literally) I think I was in a news story this week. I went and did service at Our Daily Bread on Tuesday, and then a reporter showed up and took my picture and my name, so I may or may not be in a news story for the Dallas Morning News or maybe some other newspaper I don't really remember, but hey, that's kinda cool right?


Heather Hansen

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