Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty Salty Language

Week 9, A whole new Squirril

Whelp, as always, life is good here. I decided the only thing that is good about not having any mountains (or hills, or really any variation in the terrain at all) is that the sunrise/sunset is super cool. So there is actually one good thing about not having mountains. One.

Our investigator is named Maria (just like every other Spanish person here, not racist, just a fact) and her 2 kids Raul and Alex, and she couldn't come to church yesterday, because she had to work, it was a big old bummer. We always challenge to baptism on the first lesson, so we invited her. Funny story though, when I tried to extend a date, she said no. I was pretty hurt, but she said she was supposed to have a baby on that day. I was still pretty clueless, they didn't go over these situations in the MTC, so that was fun. That is basically all of the investigators we have that are showing a lot of promise, so we are trying to find s'more. 

We usually run in the mornings or go to a gym that the place has. There is a cool little forest thing next to our apartments, and one day we went running in there and found a hobo camp. I think we are going to explore more in there. 

I got the package this week! It was so great! Haha, those pants are the best things ever, they are super comfy and I just loves them. They are sweet! Thznk yzo szo mzch!

Typical day
630- Wake up, exercise
7- shower, eat breakfast, get dressed
8-personal study
9-companion study
10- new missionary study
11-language study
1-finally leave apartment, go do missionary things
5-eat dinner
6-go do more missionary things
9-come back to apartment, plan for tomorrow, and do anything else
1030- go to bed

Elder Long was my district leader in the MTC, he is in St. George Utah on his mish, and he was a way funny guy, I would joke around with him a lot. 

There aren't really fun door approaches, either they are white and dinguses or they are Spanish and pretend they don't speak English. I found these things at Wal-Mart called rice sides, those are pretty good. We had a zone conference, and the Pres was there, so that was cool to hear him talk. We also had our stake conference. One of the speakers said "Let your words be the salt that gives the gospel flavor." So, my goal for this week is to have pretty salty language. 

P-Day- I am gonna get a haircut, and then play basketball at the church with a bunch of other missionaries. 

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