Sunday, December 8, 2013

Look Al, No Hands!

On Monday we had normal bidness. We went and had our p day and then went to Fernanda’s, Bruno’s, and Santis to teach them a lesson.  When we were there the power went out. (I don’t know why but people always take and use other peoples power. For a moment everybody is happy but then everything crashes and nobody has power for at least a couple hours and nobody wins. haha) Anyways we taught them in the dark and it was actually pretty fun. I felt like I was a little kid again, making a fort in the basement.

The next day was Tuesday we had interviews with the President of the mission and it was pretty cool. He knew me by name, which I thought was pretty impressive, seeing that he has 300 other missionaries too.  We had a good talk and went back to our area.  After that we had lunch at the Sajama’s and met up with Alex and went out to Marivels and Santiagos.  Then we had a bunch of our lessons drop so we ended up having a good hour or two left in the day and nothing to do.  We decided to go to a menos activos house and we found out that her dad had just passed away.  She was sad that he didn’t have an opportunity to hear the gospel and be baptized. Neyra had been reading that day in D &C 138 about life after death and he taught her all about how her dad can still receive everything and it was sweet to see how much hope it brought her.

The next day we went to visit an investigator.  I had them draw a picture about what makes them happiest and then I related it to some scriptures (haha I’m trying to be creative.) Anyways after that we went to the Guarachis and had some peruano food.  Then we went to Kevin’s and taught him for a little bit longer because he was having his interview the next day.  After that we went to a menos activos and she was talking all of this crap about how the members don’t assist and how they gossip and all that jazz so then neyra bajo las cana and told her "You need to get your house in order before you criticize others."  Haha super funny to me. After that we went to Hermano y Hermana paez and just relaxed and shared.

So Thursday we went to an interview of one of our investigators and he passed so we were stoked about that. After that we had Alex, a member, call us and he asked us if he could come help us, but the only problem is that he didn’t have a bike and our area was 25 minutes away with a bike.  So I told him to hop on my bike handlebars and I would steer and pedal with him on the front seat.  Surprisingly everything worked out fine...until I thought that it would be funny to show him I could do no hands with him on the front.  So I let go and put my hands in front of his face and said "Al look, no hands!" And then, we started to drift.  And then we started to crash into my companion.  And then we all started to fall. Haha I felt like such an idiot. But luckily we all caught ourselves so nobody got hurt.  When we safely arrived at lunch the family told us to try some Mora berries (kinda like blackberries, except not as sweet and the black ones stain your hands like crazy.) So we went outside and every time we would pick one 10 would fall off.  So I had the idea to go grab a blanket and gather as much as we could.  I grabbed a rake and we ended up getting a good 4 poundsish of berries.  After lunch we took some pictures because we found out that Neyra was for sure going and this was our last time with them.  After that we went and taught Marivel and took pictures with them.  Then we went to teach a girl named Daiana.  She doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would want to be listening to the missionaries. (She is the one that told us that she stabbed her boyfriend because he hit her.) But she told us that she is reading and she prays about it and she had all of these questions.  So we started to answer some of her questions (and by we I mean we not only my companion, woo!) We took pictures with her and then said our goodbyes.  We went and talked to the Sajamas for a bit and then we went home.

On Friday we woke up and did our normal bidness. We went and had lunch with the family Avalos and then went to the church to talk to the Women’s relief society because neyra had kissed up to them and they all loved him and also they were making fruitcake. I learned a couple of secrets about baking though so that was nice.  After that we had a lesson 30 minutes away.  So we biked there with the 150 mile/hour wind typhoon blowing against us the whole time and then when we got there we called him and he told us " oh sorry, I forgot."  Haha so we had to turn around and go back the other way and the typhoon changed directions so we were biking with the wind against us again.  We stopped by a menos activos and talked to her and my companion told her that I would be sharing a scripture. I drew a blank and was scrounging around and luckily found Matthew 22:36 about loving god is the grand commandment so I used that bad boy and it ended up going pretty well.

The next day was a special Saturday. We woke up at 4:30 and left the pension at 5:30 to meet up with the zone and travel for an hour by train to get to another church.  Once we were at this church we met up with half the mission and waited for 30 minutes for another bus to travel another hour to a different mission to meet up with the Buenos Aires North, West, and South and also the MTC in Buenos Aires at one of the biggest churches in Argentina. Why were we all coming together, you ask? Elder Holland of the 12 apostles, and also Elder Suarez of the 70, were coming to speak with us, woo!  It was like a giant party the whole time.  Everybody brought snacks for the bus and was chattering excitedly.  It was pretty fun.  I saw some friends from the other missions too so it was pretty dang exciting.  Some wisdom I learned is that if I think of missionary work as a privilege, I am going to be happy to do it. We shouldn’t be forced to be obedient, but we should be obedient because the big man asks it.  If you refuse a gift you’re refusing the giver. We have to be good examples for everyone and we can be if we apply what we learn in the scriptures.

The next day was Sunday.  We went to church and it was testimony meeting and it was interesting.  Neyra gave his testimony and it was super super good.  It was the first time I had ever seen him cry but it was a manly cry.  After that 4 or 5 of the people that Neyra had baptized here got up and gave their testimonies like Bruno, Fernanda, Celene, and Marivel and every one was dang good.  After church we said goodbyes there.  We went home, got changed, and then went out to lunch.  After lunch we went to 4 houses and said goodbyes there and then after that we biked for 35 minutes to the other part of Guernica and started to say goodbye there.  We went to 3 more houses and said our goodbyes there and then we went to the Avalos house and with the Familia Sajama and Avalos we all said our goodbyes to Neyra.  It was the 2nd time in one day that I had seen him cry. It was so weird to me.  

Anyways, this is half of the week.  I will share the rest next week.  I love you guys.
Good luck.

Love Andy

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