Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Updates from Cole

Merry Christmas

Hey guys, so, to explain everything- Yes, I have gotten/am getting/ will get everything you sent to the old apartment, it just takes a little more time. I have gotten a few packages and whatnot, but I haven't opened anything yet because I am waiting for Christmas. I'll call home arounds like 10-11ish here time, somewhere in there to the home phone. We had a cool mission conference. This email is gonna be shorty cuz I'll talk to y'all on Wednesday. I had a great week and everything is going cool. I like the car and whatnot. I feel bad because y'all never told me who I had for Christmas, so I didn't get anyone anything. That sounds like a pretty well done work by Samson, but I could do way better... Anyway, sounds like you all had a fun week making Christmas cinnamon rolls. All the kids wrote me saying how much they were all jealous that I didn't have to do it, but I actually liked doing that always haha. 

Happy New Year

Hey guys, happy New Year (in 2 days). Haha things stay pretty fresh up here, fresher than a white pair of teeth out the orthodontist. I'm so fresh I don't have to fold my laundry. The week was pretty good, we went caroling on Christmas day. The rest of the week was just pretty normal, I dunno haha, it's all the same. Haha, I guess my letters sound depressing or something? I dunno, I just giggle my way around all day. That is preetty sweet about Jamaica though, but you shouldn't go without me. Haha. How is Jordo doing? Haha he sounds like the same old Jordan though haha. But that printer thing is super cool, and I have had some great ideas so far hehehe... Thanks again for everything, love you guys so much!

A letter from Leena to Coleman:

“Coleman, what did you get for Christmas?  And I LOVE you!  Thanks for the Monster High doll.  It’s fun to play with.  Do you miss me so much?  I lost a tooth and the Fairy gave me a silver dollar and 2 quarters.  I miss you very much dear Coleman.  Dear Coleman, do you know how to bike ride over there?  And Coleman, do you know something new?  Tell me what you look at.  A farm, or a pig?  What does the butterfly look like?  What did you name her?  Dear Coleman, you miss Mom and Dad right?  I am sick and I have an ear infection.  Love, Leena” 

Coleman’s response to Leena:

I got a printer thingy and some pjs and some candies and stuffs. Love you too and you are welcome, I picked that doll out special just for you (because it looked like you). Stop loosing teeth you crazy girl how are you supposed to eat? Leena guess what? (What Coleman?) I can ride my bike and I don't even have to hold on with my hands (Wow you're so cool Coleman!). I look at another dude all day, me and my friend drive in a car and look at cows with big horns. The butterfly is still in his cocoon. His name is Heimlich (like from bug's life). Haha, sometimes I miss mom and dad hahaha, jk all the time. Don't get sick Leen, feel better.

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