Monday, March 31, 2014

The Latest from Cole

Hey guys, what's up? This week was really good. We have been having a lot of fun in the trio, but also we have been working harder, and seeing some fruits. It has been an awesome transfer so far.

So we had a huge bummer this week. There were these three investigators Janet(18), Carlos(14), and Juan(15) that were scheduled to be baptized on Saturday. They were interviewed on Thursday night, and all passed and were ready to go. Then, Saturday morning, a few hours before the baptism, they called and said it was a no-go. They told us their father didn't think they were ready. We went over and talked with the father (it was the first time because he was always working), and he basically said no. We talked with Janet and Juan and Carlos a little more, and Carlos said that he didn't feel ready at this time. That was a huge bummer. They are super cool kids, haha the two guys love me because I dunked after soccer one day. It was a bummer though. 
Conference is this week and I'm pretty excited. It'll be my second conference out here. They should match up with my 6 month marks more or less, so that's a good way of keeping track haha. 

Anywhey, Dad is right, it is tough to communicate with 1 letter per week, but no big. Here are some answers-
I can't order the new scriptures. It says "processor error" or something every time. I can't figure it out haha. I'll try again this week though. 
I can't figure out the bike computer either. Again, more info next week.
Yadira's daughter had her baby this week, so we haven't seen them since Sunday. Hopefully we get to see them soon. 
I talked to SLCC, and basically the only thing they could do was give me a D in the class and give me a diploma, so I took it. I am super bummed about that, but I couldn't do anything else... Either way, be on the lookout for the diploma one of these days. 

Here are some pictures of my comps- Elder Munoz reminds me of a Mexican Easton haha, and Hepworth is just super funny, I can't even describe him. We have a ton of fun, but sometimes it's hard to be the one to say lets get back to work, especially because they've been out here for longer. Anywhey, hope all is well!



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Friday, March 14, 2014

Elder Cook: February Update

Feb 3, 2014
Well this last week was pretty good! We were able to see a lot of people and things are going great! Well first I dont have much time today because we have to drive to a place called Window Rock and it is like an hour and a half away and the other Elders still have to email and we have to leave around 12. So this one might be a little short. But our investigator Billy is doing great! He told us how he made a promise with God, that if he got out of jail then he would do his best to serve Him. So that was really cool! And also yesterday he paid Fast Offerings and that was way cool! He is really trying his best! And he still paid even though he has like no money and they dont even have electricity and also they dont have any wood which is how they keep warm at night out here. They have wood burning stoves out here so that is how they stay warm! That is crazy and so much different than back home. I am still loving it out here in the middle of nowhere! Round Rock is a way cool place.
Elder Cook

Feb 10, 2014
Well good morning everyone! This last week was pretty slow but we were able to see some investigators that are progressing. We went and saw this guy named Billy, and he has decided to quit drinking and smoking for good. So i hope that he can overcome it! He is way cool and he loves reading the Book of Mormon and he always prays all the time and also he says he wishes he could live at the church! He is way cool and we always are praying for him! And i know that he could easily overcome it with all three of those things! CPR. Church. Pray. Read. But also we went to see this family that wants to get  baptized and the only thing that was holding them back was that they were not married yet. But just this last week they got a marriage license and they want the Bishop here to marry them this week! So once they get married, all they have to do is come to church the next 3 weeks and they will be able to be baptized! I am way excited for them! The people out here are so awesome! I love them all no matter who it is! They are all just so humble out here and they go through really hard times and it is crazy to see how strong they are and how faithful they are! But also we do basketball nights here every Friday night because everyone loves basketball here, and it was pretty cool this last time. We had the some of the Chinle boys high school basketball team come and they are really good!!! They were running circles around everyone! But they are #1 in this area so of course they are going to be good! But of the members here goes to Chinle and all the parents know the basketball players and they were saying how surprised they were that they would come to a basketball game here at the church. It was pretty cool! They were all really cool too, they were really good and had a lot of respect and they were just having a great time! Probably because they were laughing at how bad i am at basketball! haha but it was still way fun! Anyway that was really cool! And then also this weekend was transfer weekend so we found out transfer news this last Saturday night! And while we were waiting we started a campfire in our backyard and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows! It was way fun! It was me and my companion Elder McCarrey and the other two Elders that live with us, Elder Nicholson and Elder Peterson. And also the senior couple missionaries here, the Andersons! It was pretty fun! But i guess i will tell you the news now. So my companion, Elder McCarrey is leaving to a place called Dilcon. And Elder Nicholson who was our District leader here, is leaving to be District leader in Sheep Springs... Ha they are weird names! And Elder Peterson and I are getting  trainee's, so a brand new missionary fresh out of the MTC. So we will both be trainers! I am way excited, but nervous at the same time! Ha hopefully i will know my way around.... Which i dont at all! So we will probably be getting lost a lot. And we might have to stay the night in our truck a couple of times because i will get us lost! Ha hopefully it doesnt come down to that! But a little rez town in our area called Rock Point... I have only been there twice.... And there are a lot of dirt roads and back roads that go on for miles.... We are probably going to get lost! Ha but it will be fun! My trainee will probably think i am crazy though! Ha because i have no idea where to go, but i want to go explore and find some people way out there! Oh and also a Navajo culture thing is that they point with their lips and say "way over der!" Its pretty  funny and i am picking it up a little bit. Ha its weird. But anyway, love you all and i hope you all have a great week!!!
Elder Bradley Thomas Cook
Feb 17, 2014
Well things are great here in Many Farms/Round Rock area! I got my new companion this last week! His name is Elder Quijano and he from Grand Junction, Colorado! He also graduated this last 2013 and i am actually only older then him by one month! So we are pretty close in age! But anyway things are great and i am looking forward to this next transfer! Elder Quijano is Latin American and he actually use to live in Mesa, Arizona for a little! But he is doing awesome! He came straight out from his home.. He didnt go to the MTC, which is crazy! He was home exactly one week ago! So yeah! He is doing well though for coming straight out of the MTC! But this last week was kind of a slow week! That is alright! Oh and also sorry for not sending any pictures for awhile! I will have to send some when i get the opportunity to! But anyway this last week we went to go see Billy and he is doing well! He did miss church last week but he came yesterday! he was out of town last week and that was something that he was actually praying for because he just wanted to get away from where he was living! So he was really happy about that and he is doing well! He is going to help one of the members clean the church this upcoming Saturday! He is so awesome! We had a lesson with him on Friday and we just read from the Book of Mormon and the same verse stuck out to both Billy and I and we were talking about that one verse for like 20 minutes! Ha so that was a way cool experience! He loves reading the Book of Mormon! Also we have some other investigators that we put on date to be baptized march 8th! Elder Quijano actually invited them! That is part of the 12 week training program that we have! the new missionary has to extend all the baptismal invitations his first week! So it was awesome! He did great! Hopefully we will be able to put some more on date this upcoming week! Anyway things are going great! We are going to go out with our Bishop today and he is going to dedicate our areas to missionary work so that will be way cool! I am just loving it out here and it has been really good weather here! Too bad it is just all dirt and no grass or anything! But anyway if there is anything that i have missed then just let me know next week! Well i think that covers just about everything!?? ha i forget a lot because so much goes on! Anyway i hope you all have a great week and i will talk to you next week!!!
Elder Cook
Feb 24, 2014
Good morning everyone! We are doing emails an hour early today because we are going to Window Rock today for a Zone Activity and also a Zone training! So we have to leave around 10 15. But anyway things are going really well here! We had a really good week last week! So we are excited for this upcoming week! But last week was an awesome week! We have an investigator named Tamara and she is 17 years old and she is a really smart girl! But this last week we taught the Law of Chastity at the church with a member and we got to the music part and she likes like heavy metal music and so we taught her how we have to listen to good things because thoughts leads to words and words lead to actions. Anyway we brought up the music part and she pulled out her i-pod right there on the spot and started deleting a bunch of music! It was way awesome! Ha it was hard for her but she did it! And so i told her about some of the music that i listened to back home that were good songs to listen too and she likes the music that i told her about! Also we gave her a EFY soundtrack! ha so that was way awesome! And also she gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament meeting and so that was way awesome! She goes to seminary every morning and all the seminary students had to give a short talk and she did it! It was way cool and she did a really good job! Whats amazing is that she isn't even a member yet! So yeah that was a cool experience! Also we went to see one of our investigators named Billy and he is doing really well! He is reading and praying and going to church! We told him about reading and praying to know if the Book of Mormon was true and he said that he was going to start doing it! Then we followed up on him and he said that he didn't get his answer yet but he knows it will come eventually! So he is doing awesome! And also his brother that stabbed him comes to church with him and they bring their nephews to church! It is so cool! Also Billy forgave his brother for stabbing him and now they both come to church every week! Ha they are so cool! But also Elder Quijano and i are doing well! He is a quick learner! Ha i feel like i don't even have to do much! Anyway things are going really well and that is what has been going on this week! Thanks for all the emails and have a good week everyone! Love you all!!!
Elder Bradley Cook