Monday, March 31, 2014

The Latest from Cole

Hey guys, what's up? This week was really good. We have been having a lot of fun in the trio, but also we have been working harder, and seeing some fruits. It has been an awesome transfer so far.

So we had a huge bummer this week. There were these three investigators Janet(18), Carlos(14), and Juan(15) that were scheduled to be baptized on Saturday. They were interviewed on Thursday night, and all passed and were ready to go. Then, Saturday morning, a few hours before the baptism, they called and said it was a no-go. They told us their father didn't think they were ready. We went over and talked with the father (it was the first time because he was always working), and he basically said no. We talked with Janet and Juan and Carlos a little more, and Carlos said that he didn't feel ready at this time. That was a huge bummer. They are super cool kids, haha the two guys love me because I dunked after soccer one day. It was a bummer though. 
Conference is this week and I'm pretty excited. It'll be my second conference out here. They should match up with my 6 month marks more or less, so that's a good way of keeping track haha. 

Anywhey, Dad is right, it is tough to communicate with 1 letter per week, but no big. Here are some answers-
I can't order the new scriptures. It says "processor error" or something every time. I can't figure it out haha. I'll try again this week though. 
I can't figure out the bike computer either. Again, more info next week.
Yadira's daughter had her baby this week, so we haven't seen them since Sunday. Hopefully we get to see them soon. 
I talked to SLCC, and basically the only thing they could do was give me a D in the class and give me a diploma, so I took it. I am super bummed about that, but I couldn't do anything else... Either way, be on the lookout for the diploma one of these days. 

Here are some pictures of my comps- Elder Munoz reminds me of a Mexican Easton haha, and Hepworth is just super funny, I can't even describe him. We have a ton of fun, but sometimes it's hard to be the one to say lets get back to work, especially because they've been out here for longer. Anywhey, hope all is well!



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