Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Empire Strikes Back

Ok well… I think that I finished off with the Evangelists.  They are super awesome and they told us that they are going to buy me a hymnbook.  Anyways, something that I think is super super funny and I almost laugh every time is when we say a prayer here.  I don’t know why but everybody in Ezeiza is Evangelista and evangelistas talk during the prayer.  They say their own prayer or amen or halleluiah or something along those lines.  So I will be praying in all seriousness and then somebody will shout out HALLELUYAH! I don’t know if I should wait for them to stop or if I should just keep on going so usually I just try to truck through the prayers.  
Also in this matter I don’t know what to do when they are praying... Haha should I pray and say hallelujah too?  I usually just stay quiet but sometimes its a little fun to join in on the action.
I don’t know why but everybody, EVERYBODY loves soap operas here so whenever we go into a house, no matter who it is, a grandma, or a boy of 5 years they will be watching a soap opera...  But this week we walked into a house and a grandpa was watching a soccer game.  It was like jumping into cool water on a hot summer day.  Just so dang refreshing to see something different than coffee with a hint of woman for a change.  Too bad 3 minutes later we had to ask him to turn it off... 
This week we ate lunch with a member named sister Bellezan.  Her husband is super super funny and isn’t a member so is always making jokes about how he spiked the drink because he knows that we don’t drink and stuff like that.  We were talking and eating lunch when he asked me "What’s wrong with your watch? Is that a women’s watch?"  I was trying to keep it a secret but to you who are reading, yes, yes it is.  
2 days later I called a grandma in our ward.  I started talking "Hermana! How are you?" and she answered "Erika? Erika?"  
"No Hermana, its the elders..."
"Oh... sorry... I thought that it was Hermana Erika talking..."
2 times in 1 week?!!?  I don’t know what’s going on but 2 people in 1 week have thought that I was a girl... Looks like puberty did absolutely nothing for me.
This week my companion and I were getting chased by all sorts of dogs.  Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones, every possible dog was chasing us.  Until yesterday when we decided not to take any more of it.  There were 3 or 4 dogs chasing us and our heart pounding in our ears as we pedaled as fast as humanly possible when one came out of nowhere and I almost hit it.  
We noticed that because I almost hit it the little guy ran off.  We started to test it on the other dogs in the block and to our amazement it worked on every single one.  So we decided to go back and get some revenge on the mutts.  As we were scaring off the little doggies I’m not sure what was funnier, watching the dogs run off or seeing the crazy maniac pleasure in my companions eyes as we chased them on our bikes.
This week I was trying to work on praying more specifically for things in my life.  If you want a specific answer, you need a specific question.  So I was praying that we could find 3 new people today that wanted to hear our message. 

We left the pension and went to work.  We had divisions with some of the kids in our ward so it was a kid named Cesar and I looking for a members house. But with me only having 6 weeks here I got quite lost and we realized that we’d have to ask for directions.  I saw a man and his wife outside drinking mate so I went over to talk to them.  We started talking about where the street was and then about what we were doing and who we were.  We then started talking about our message and what it can do for the family.  Then their son walked out of the house and they told us that they were busy but they can meet up with us the next day. 

Haha I was so dang amazed that we received an answer so dang fast. It totally pumped me up to go teach the whole day and I am so stoked to teach them this week.

Anyways, I love you guys. 


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