Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elder Cook: March Update

March 10, 2014
Well another week gone by! They just really fly by! I feel like in no time i will be out one year! But everything is going well here! There was some good things and also some not so good things! Elder Quijan is doing really well though! He is learning a lot really quickly and he actually applies it to his teaching! I am learning a lot from him! Ha i feel like i am learning more then he is, and i am the trainer! But yeah its pretty fun! The District activity last week went well! It was way fun! We went into the gym at the church here and we set up a bunch of tables and had a lot of fun! He had a huge nerf gun war then we went and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs in our fire pit! But anyway Billy is still doing well! He is understanding like everything we say and he teaches us so much! His sister got baptized just last month and his other sister we are teaching! Its pretty cool to see, all of Billy's family is getting interested in the Gospel! He sees and recognizes the blessings from reading! So we had a pretty special experience happen this last week! President Batt has come up with a new idea for the mission! It is really cool! But we are going to get bombarded with Book of Mormons and we are going to hand them out to everyone we see! And also he has an appointment with the President of the Navajo Nation this week in Window Rock and he is going with our Zone Leaders. The President of the Navajo Nation is a member but he is less active and President Batt is going to tell the President of the Navajo Nation that the Book of Mormon is going to change his peoples lives! So it is really cool! President Batt had a vision actually of this! And actually there was a talk yesterday at church that this lady had a dream that there were going to be people lining up to learn more about the Gospel and the cool thing is, she didn't know about President Batts vision! It is really awesome to see and we are all excited! One of our senior couples told our ward about it and they are getting really excited! So we are going to teach people how to hand out Books of Mormon! Anyway we are really excited and there is going to be a lot of good things happening here in this mission sometime! Whether it be now or later, its going to happen and i hope i get to see some of it! But yeah, so that was an awesome experience! But on the other hand Tamara, one of our  investigators is falling away from baptism. She is losing her faith. But we tell her to keep her faith up and to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! I know she can get through it, she is just doubting a little. But anyway that is really all for this last week! i hope you all have a great week and i love you all!
Elder Cook 

March 17, 2014
Things are going really good! We had a pretty good week this last week! Its crazy because this is the last week of this transfer and that is just one more down! Its going by way to fast! I will be starting my 7th transfer this next one and when general conference comes, that will be my 9 month mark! its so crazy and it goes by way to fast! I am getting close to one year out! Anyway this last week was good! We had to go into Farmington this week because Elder Quijano had a doctors appointment and he might get transferred to Farmington because he might have to go a couple times a week and that is just too much driving to be out here. It takes us like 2 hours to get to Farmington. But yeah we will see. Hopefully not but whatever happens happens. But this last week was really good. Billy has been doing alright. He is still reading but he missed church because his dad came to see him. But that was his third week missing church so we are really trying to focus on him. And also we saw a couple who got married in the temple awhile ago and they stopped going because they felt like they didnt have a a testimony. But we had a really good lesson with them about Church, Praying, and Reading (CPR). Anyway hopefully we will see some good things from them. they have a really awesome family and we are going to start to really work with them! But yeah thats really about all! ha it was a slower week then usual. But hopefully it will start to pick up! Oh and also we have a family that is going to be baptized on March 29! We are excited for that! They fed us Ach'ii which is sheep fat wrapped in sheep intestine. It was kind of gross. But i am glad i got to try it! Haha but it is exciting for this family! They have really seen the Gospel bless their family! well we are excited for this next week and hope you all have a great week! 
Love Elder Cook
March 24, 2014
Good morning everyone! This last week was the last week of my 6th transfer so i will be starting my 7th one! I am really excited! So this is what happened with transfer news. My companion Elder Quijano is getting transferred to Shiprock, New Mexico. So i wont have a trainee anymore... But he has to be closer to a doctor where he can go like 1 or 2 times a week. And out here it takes us 2 hours to get to Farmington so that wouldnt really work out if he stayed here. I will miss him but i know he will do great in Shiprock! So i am getting a new companion and his name is Elder Robinson. I was talking to President Batt yesterday and he was telling me about Elder Robinson and how he is really cool and he says that we will get a long really well! Ha which i was never scared in the first place because i have gotten a long really well with all my companions so far! But i am excited! And Elder Quijano will like his new companion too! But anyway we may be having a baptism this Saturday! We have a way sweet family that is ready to be baptized! They have their baptismal interview tonight so we are excited for that! They will do great! But anyway so we are excited for that! It is John and Ramilda Yanni and they have 4 girls! The oldest one is 9 and she is going to be baptized also! So that is fun! Billy is doing great also! He had a pretty rough patch earlier but we had a really good lesson with him this last week and he is doing a lot better! And his cousin is helping a lot too! So we are excited for him too! But i am running out of time! But i hope you enjoy the pictures and i love hearing from you all! Have a great week! 
Elder Cook

March 31, 2014
Well this last week was a good one! It was kind of slow because we were in Gallup all day one day and then also Window Rock another day. I had to pick up my new companion, Elder Robinson! And also we had zone training this last Thursday so we went to that. And then on Friday we had weekly planning and that took a little longer then usual because I had to explain it all to my new companion and also we had to create a plan on how we are going to hand out Book of Mormons so we can flood the area with them! It was good! But we did have a baptism this last saturday! John, Ramilda, and Kara Yanni. They are a way sweet family! They have been taught for like almost a year and now they felt like they were ready! It worked out! But yeah so that was a really good day on saturday! But also Billy, one of our investigators that we have been teaching since i got here is going to jail maybe. He missed his probation and he is going to turn himself in today. But he has been going through a really hard time lately and a lot of things have just some up. He is starting to lose his faith. But we told him to start reading the Book of Mormon again because he hasnt been able to read it for awhile. He said he would! We gave him Enos 1 because he has been praying to see if it is really true and we just keep reminding him that his answer will come when he really commits himself to really wanting to know if it is true and he really tries to find the answer! But that has really all that has been going on this last week! My new companion is from twin falls idaho and he is a football player. So he is pretty big! Ha but he is way cool and i am excited for this next transfer! Its crazy, i hit my 9 month mark in 4 days! Ha the months go by so fast for me! Anyway i love you all and i hope you enjoy the pictures! Have a great week!
Elder Cook


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