Saturday, April 5, 2014

I'm Grateful for This New Friend

This week was pretty interesting. I wish just for one day you guys could be here to meet the people I met. One day this week as we were walking out of the house I was locking up the door and I heard some guy start shouting out to us. I thought to myself "ah not again" because I’ve met this guy has got something way wrong in the head so he’s always yelling when he talks. He came up to us and started yelling about he knows the word of god and all about the Virgin Mary and what not. I knew that he lived by our investigator named Jesus (who we baptized this week I’ll talk more about him in a minute) so we started walking to his house and he’s telling us about
how he was from England and how he is the nephew of Prince Charles. He’s also the nephew of Princess Diana who lives in Hollywood right now. Stuff like this he was telling us for about 15 as we walked him to his house.
That was only the start of the day. A little bit later we went visited these 3 guys who tend an eyeglasses shop/ taco stand. As we showed up on of the guys took of in his taxi and the other two we talked to for about 5 minutes. The guy who took of came back with another man who turned out to be a father of different church. He pulled out of his bag a way long scarf thing that went down to his knees, put both hands in the air and started
praying while the other guys are yelling amen. My companion was just shaking his head and I was just thinking about how dump we all looked. I got the heck outta there as fast as we could because this guy just wanted to fight us but it made me think if people think Mormons are weirdos just come see the churches down here.
Later in the week I got to go to Temazcal. We had divisions and I went with Elder Layton to his area. Its way way pretty and Elder Layton is pretty awesome. He has 3 months in the mission and is from Fruit Heights Utah.
On Sunday we baptized Jesus Mendez. This guy cracks me up. He is way funny because of the stuff he does. Like the other day we took a member with us to teach him. When he said the closing prayer, he said in his prayer " Heavenly Father, I’m grateful for this new friend I made even though I'll forgot his name, I’ll ask what it is after the prayer." Just stuff like that he’s always doing and it kills me. He also told us that that nut who talked with us is named Jamie and one time Jamie snuck into his house and started smoking weed with his other buddy. When Jesus Mendez told them to leave they responded, “NO we were wounded in the war. You can’t disrespect us like that.” And they refused to leave his house haha.

I love you guys a ton and I hope all is going well.
Elder Kimball

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