Sunday, April 6, 2014

Running on Fumes

Well, this week was a good one.  I didn’t have time to write on Monday because we had transfers. I am happy that I get to stay in Ezeiza again cause there are so many awesome people here but at the same time I am pretty dang sad to see my comp Elder Santos go. We didn’t have that much in common but we got along really really well and it was easy to work with him.  

Now I have my first companion from the states WOO! His name is Elder Flinders and is from American fork Utah.  He loves basketball, and hunting, and horses, and nature and stuff like that so it is pretty dang easy to get along with him.

Also he likes to work out, so in the mornings we have been getting up early and running and working out.  Haha I am so out of shape.  On the bikes I can go for longer than the energizer bunny but the first 2 minutes of running... lets just say I was running on fumes.
Anyways the last couple of weeks have been good.  I will give you a more full update next week my comp is ballin and things are good.

I love you all,
Good luck this week.
Love Elder Andy Merkley

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