Monday, April 21, 2014

Trainer and DL

**Cole is doing well - love his letters!  To see photo's go to his blog:

Hi guys. We've had a good week. We got our transfer calls this week, and I am going to be staying in Denton. I'm pretty excited to be here again, I love the area and the ward here is amazing.

President called us on Tuesday. He talked to Elders Munoz, Hepworth, and I. He asked Munoz to be a Zone Leader in Euless, Hepworth to train a new missionary in a different Denton area, and asked me to train a new missionary and be the Denton Spanish District leader. I am super excited! I start doing District meetings and exchanges and everything on Wednesday, when I pick up the new missionary. It is going to be a super fun transfer! I will probably be staying in Denton for the next 3 months, so that makes the first 9 months of my mission here in Denton.

Haha, so one time we taught these guys outside and at the end of the lesson we asked them to say a prayer. He bowed his head, and started praying to us haha. It was funny, but also pretty sad to see that this 40ish year old man who had no idea how to pray, or who to pray too. I guess that is why I'm here. 

We taught this white family, they actually flagged us down and asked us who we were, so that was pretty sweet. Then, we taught them, and they actually understood the authority, and the fact of the apostasy. It was amazing. Haha, that was probably the only time in my mission that someone has understood the reality of the great apostasy, and they are an English family. 

Sounds like y'all are gonna have a good time on spring break. Haha, the picture of Liza and all her friends looks like trouble. I heard the final 4 was here in Arlington. Fort Worth Mission Represent! Haha #called2swerve



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