Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chunks Of Ice Floating

3/2/14 start off the week

On Monday we were looking for a road to find an investigator’s house.  We were winding and weaving up and down all of the streets of Ezeiza and my mind started to wander.  I looked down and I started day dreaming (just a lil bit...) and at the same time following my companion. When all the sudden I heard a grinding of rubber and my wheel started to shake.  I looked up to see my companion turning left and me going straight and my wheel ramming into his at full speed.  In all of the confusion I somehow ended up on my back. 

Usually there is nobody in the streets at 12:30 in the morning but for some reason... the streets were like Wal-Mart on black Friday.  2 or 3 people stopped to ask what happened, and how I fell and if I am ok.  And every time I had to explain again what happened--feeling stupider and stupider every time. (Ya and I did just realize that stupider isn’t a word but I’m not in Argentina to improve my grammar and spelling, right?)  

Anyways when I was standing up there was a guy sitting on the sidewalk and I felt like we should talk to him.  We went over and started up a nice little conversation and he told us that he is super interested in our message and wants us to pass by, Woo!

This week was Fast and Testimony meeting so everybody was going up and giving their testimony.  Unfortunately I was in the very back and there was a whole row of teens right behind me. And they were all talking and laughing and I couldn’t hear anything.  On top of that we had some investigators so it was doubly bad.  I suddenly had the Mama Pat gene turn on in me and I gave good glare to get them to shut the heck up.  Anyways after that I got to bless my first baby! Woo!  I was super nervous but then I just thought, ‘If I were a dad, what would I want for my baby?’  And then things just started to work out a little bit smoother.

Also this week we had a baptism!!!  Her name is Belen Bustamante and she is super super awesome.  She is Meg’s dream child--kinda quiet and really really smart and loves to read and if she wants to do something, she will do it.  Haha anyways I got to baptize her but the califone wasn’t working so it was ICE cold.  I’m pretty sure there were chunks of ice floating in the water. (Oh also my companion and I "cleaned" the font but then we forgot to scrub out all of the soap so in the font there was ice AND soap bubbles.... haha oops...)  Anyways it was super super cold so I made sure that I did it right and shoved her straight down to the bottom of the font. Haha jk but for real it was kinda deep now that I think about it.

Anyways I hope that everybody has a good week. I love you all.  An Elder told me this week that I am only an Elder for 2 years so live it with pride.
Love ya’ll,
Elder Andy

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