Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pray To See If Things Get Better

Hello everybody,

This week was a bit strange. some of the days we were running from lesson to lesson and then other days we had the whole day booked and every single one fell through.  Haha The rollercoaster life of the mission right? 

In Ezieza we have the area split in two.  We are in one area and the other area is the Hermanas’.  Literally all of the leaders are on their side and we cant cross over so we cant have to many meetings with them or so we thought until we talked to the president last week and he told us that we can go into their area if a member invites us.  So this week we tried having a lot of meetings with some of the leaders to kinda gain a bit more of trust and find out who we should meet with.

We found out from one of them that an inactive Hermana was super super sick and wanted a blessing. So we booked it over to her house to help her out.  We got there and we clapped.  And clapped. And clapped.  Her door is a good 20 yards from her fence so we realized that the clapping isn’t gonna do too much good.

So my companion looked both ways and full sprinted on her property and clapped and then full sprinted back haha.  He looked a little uncoordinated with all of his books and his backpack trying to full sprint back to me before they opened there door but just in the knick of time he grabbed his bike, made it look like he was sitting back and relaxing and just waiting when they opened the door. And it worked like a charm.  Haha to tell you the truth, I don’t know what happens if they find you on their property but I’m not gonna be the one to test it out.

In other news, like I have told you guys, there are sometimes where the number of dogs on the street far outnumber the amount of people.  This week we had many of these times.  One of these afternoons as we were weaving through the crowds of dogs there was one right in the path of Elder Santos.  Usually when you say Cucha the dogs high tail it outta there. I don’t know why but they all scatter when you say it haha. Anyways my companion told the dog cucha and it looked around and ran off.  My companion, at the same time, thought that he was going to hit the dog so he swerved to miss it, but when he swerved the dog didn’t know what to do and ran straight at him.  He barely nicked the little guy and it ran off completely fine.  It was really really sad but at the same time it was really really funny to look at his face of pure shock and horror.

This week church was good but a little long.  They were having the aniversario of the women’s society and the presidenta literally mentioned every single name of every single woman in the church who was a member, all 90 of them and their traits that they have.  Haha it was good, just... a little long.

Also for you guys who like music I was in the train today when I met a blind guitarist named Roberto Meglia and he told me that his stuff is on YouTube and he played some for us and it was real sweet so check it out.

This week we started teaching a kid with more or less 23 years named Matias and his friend Kevin.  They are both super curious about God and what happens in life and after.  Yesterday they were telling us that they are both having pretty hard times in life so we read 3 Nephi 18:18-21 about praying.

We explained it to them and Matias told us, "I’m not sure if this is right but I feel like we should pray with our families and if we do it then maybe things will get better in our families.  I’m going to pray with my parents everyday to see if things get better."  Then Kevin told us "I think I’m going to do the same.  I want to see if it can help my family."  Haha usually we have to ask several times to say the prayer but both of them promised us that they are going to do it without us even asking them to do it.  Haha it made our job real easy.

Anyways I love you all.  Sorry it wasn’t that active of a week.  Transfers are next week and I am kinda hoping that Elder Santos and I are together for another transfer haha.
I hope that things are good for you guys too.  

Love Elder Andy Merkley

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