Sunday, April 6, 2014

Making Dry Peanut Butter

Hey there everybody!
Well this week was a good one.  Super super busy doing random things but in the end things turned out pretty good.

I don’t know why but everybody decided to celebrate "Lets not be at home when the missionaries come week!" so lets just say that we did a LOT of knocking on random doors this week.

Haha besides that on Sunday a couple of the young men were super super stoked to come with us to help us out so we went on divisions to cover more ground.  I went to the members and my companion looked for the new investigators.  We went around and talked to some people, played some games so that the kids would pay attention, and then went around to a lot of houses where nobody was home. 

We went to a house that was one of our final plans and the menos activos members were there so they invited us in and luckily my companion for the day was a member who was friends with the family so we started talking to them about cooking and whatnot. I told them that I made some homemade bread that morning and then she got super excited and told me to wait for a minute.  So I waited and she returned with a cookbook. She told me that these are all Argentine recipes and that she hasn’t used the book in ages and it would be better if I had it! haha how neat is that?  So anyways now I have a cookbook of all argentine recipes and I am hackin away at them.  When we have free time I’m gonna learn how to make them so when I get home I will be a professional, woo!
Anyways the other day I woke up and I did my exercises and ate breakfast and showered and did all that bidness.  Then I got on my knees to start my prayer to study.  When I knelt down it felt like there was a huge clump of clothes under one knee.  So I went to fix my pants but then I realized that my pants were fine.  

I felt my knee and I thought that I had something stuck to it so I lifted up my pant leg and.... I....Saw.... A......huge lump thing that is about the size of a golf ball. Haha we still don’t know what exactly it is but after prodding it and laughing about it for a good 20 minutes we decided that maybe we should call the nurse.  We called her and after telling her all of the symptoms she told me that it is a cyst (like the one that I had in my wrist?)  And that after a couple of days it should go away and that it’s nothing to be too worried about.

In other news this week we were passing a couple of kids on the corner and they were telling us to stop and talk with them and usually when somebody here says that you do quite the opposite.  But we stopped and talked to them and they ended up being super funny and telling us how much they love Brazil and the States.  So I talked to them for a while and they asked us if they could take pictures with us and put them on Facebook and already some of the contacts that we have made said that they saw us on Facebook haha.

Well, I made fresh bread and my companion and I are doing experiments like in chemistry about how to make peanut butter, result number one:  Dry

Well... I love you all.
I hope that you are having a good week.

Love Andy

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