Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elder Varela and The Cat Lady

Last Monday we woke up real early and went out to Banfield, a good hour and a half away for transfers.  We showed up, talked around for a bit and then sat down for the next 2 hours to listen to the missionaries who were going home give their testimonies.  It was good but Neyra was spread out like he was on his bed and I was crunched up in the corner. Somehow I still managed to get a bit of shut eye haha.  
After that I found my new companion.  His name is Elder Varela.  He is pretty dang nice and enthusiastic about a lot of things.  Haha the only thing that could be a problem is 1.) He told me in his words "I’m allergic to working out" and 2.) He can’t wake up on his own, so it is my duty to wake him up every morning haha.  If only he knew how deep of a sleeper I am. I could fall asleep if my clothes were on fire.  Since we had transfers all of the old missionaries that were in the same pension left too, so now I am officially the oldest one in the pension, woo! 
When we were picking Varela up there was a sign for a special kind of burgers.  But these weren’t any burgers. They were "Barfys vegetarian burgers." Varela told me that he forgot his bags back in his pension and their pension was super super nice…on the 10th floor, big, and super tidy.  We grabbed his bags and then he told me that we had lunch planned and I thought to myself "Forgot your bags did you...?" haha but I was cool with it because some lunch is better than no lunch, right?  The member reminded me of the Crazy Cat Lady on the Simpsons. She got us some big ol stakes and plopped them down on the indoor grill.  Which I didn’t think was a problem, until I realized that she didn’t have a fan and all of the smoke was just rolling to the ceiling and coming down and filling the room.  Haha It was pretty hard to breathe but in the end the steaks were definitely worth it. We started talking and she told us 4 missionaries that she hadn’t gone to the temple and all of them have more experience than I do so they were using all of these sweet scriptures and then it came to me and I had nothing so I pulled out the Matthew 29 card again about loving god. (Haha I can tell that this one is going to save me a lot on the mission).  
After that we went on the train for an hour back to Guernica.  We were talking about how excited Varela is to serve here and finally have bikes and all this stuff and then he walked into the pension.  I had cleaned like crazy the first 2 weeks that I was in Guernica because the whole place was a straight up pig sty. But after that I realized that they aren’t going to help and its not going to get any better so I kinda just lost hope and gave up.  But he walked in and saw this place, he went completely silent.  Haha I’m pretty sure his enthusiasm went down a good 10 notches.  He told me that we cannot live like this, that we will never be able to feel the spirit like this and that we have to clean now.  So we cleaned for a good hour and then we went to the computers to write. Anyways after that we went to Fernandas and taught them a lesson.  I was worried that things were going to be weird with him and the others because he was new but things were great and he was joking around and having a good time.
The next day was Tuesday and in the morning we went and cleaned all morning.  After we went and cleaned we went to lunch at the Sajamas and he said "is it ok if we share something with you?"  Haha it was so weird for me.  With Neyra, we never ever shared something with the members but Elder Varela is all about strengthening the members and that good stuff.  So we shared a couple of scriptures and then after that we went out to teach some other people.  We went to Marivel and then to the house of Daiana, Albert, and family Ormeno and taught them. 
The next day we went to the Guarachis and had some lunch there.  We taught them a bit about marriage and the blessings that we receive and we decided to go to an area that Neyra and I hadn’t visited much.   I realized that Neyra and I had been teaching the same investigators and converts for the past 3 months and just baptizing their family and we didn’t have anybody new and I had absolutely no clue what the heck we should do.  So Varela asked me "What about the area book?" I had no clue what that was.  He asked "what about the 15 families?" I had no clue what that was. "What about this the young men? Young women?" haha I realized that we hadn’t worked with any of these things and I had no clue what the heck half of them were. Elder Varela taught me all of these new things and papers that we had to fill out.  Haha I felt like a newbie again.   I think my new companion is going to be a bit more strict than my old comp but he seems to like more of the same things and he is a bit more patient. This week was pretty good.  Really, really different than how I was used to working but good.  But I’m dang excited to be with him. I have learned a bunch already this week about the scriptures, investigators, how to teach, the church, everything.  
I love you guys. I hope that everything is good. Have a good week.


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