Monday, November 4, 2013

Cole's First Week In Texas

So first off, I didn't call in Mexico because I was pretty pooped and I didn't really want to talk that much. Jk, I needed some weird Mexican credit card to do it so I couldn't, and also I got trapped talking to a group of Spanish nuns. When I got into America, there was simply no time to call, so there is my explanation.

Haha, I am pretty sure that you guys no more about Denton than I do. I have a ward, and there are 3 groups of Spanish missionaries that go to that ward, I have just me and Elder Long in the Apartment. Elder Long is a baller, and a super great missionary. We actually don't teach English Tuesday nights, but we might start soonish. The bike is sweet, I love hittin taking it off some sweet jumps and that kind of mischief. Sometimes its hard when I have diarrhea and bumpy roads, but I manage. Just kidding, I don't have either of those things, I am in America. 

We have been doing a lot of tracting and finding new investigators, so that is cool. We knock doors, and if they're English, we teach in English, and if Spanish, we teach in Spanish, so that is cool. 

For Halloween, we went to a ward trunk or treat thing and helped out, so that was really weird. Denton is a biking area, so no cars #yolo. Biking is kinda hard, but I like it a lot. We eat with members a little, and then we have just been eating whatever is left in the apartment from the last elders. 

So at the Airport, I didn't even have time to get food, so I haven't had any fast food yet. I have placed a couple of Book of Mormons, and pretty much I just try my best.


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