Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Testigos and Outer Space

Ok well this week was good.  Usually my companion and I have some stupid petty argument but this week was all good and pretty dang fun.  I think it’s because we are starting to be able to talk more and also we are starting to have a little bit of fun on the bikes.  Don’t worry, ma, I’m not going crazy.  Also we had 4 baptisms this week, woo!  The family with the mom and 2 sons Fernanda, Bruno, and Santiago that remind me a bunch of Johnny boy and I, and then a man named Albert.
Alright so on Tuesday we had the normal business.  We went to the reunion of the District and learned some missionary stuff.  After that we went to the Familia Sajamas and ate some lunch. There is a food here, called milanesa (not sure how you write it), that is breaded chicken, steak, or fish that is deep fried.  It is super good but we have it a lot.  This is the first time this week.  After lunch we biked for 20 minutes from Parque Americana to the Yaya to our next lesson.  When we got there our investigator didn’t answer the door because it was siesta and she was probably sleeping so we just made our way back to our next lesson where we were in the first place haha. At least I’m getting some good exercise, right?  We went and taught one of our investigators named Albert who is getting baptized this week.  After that we just we and taught some more lessons and then went home for the night.  
On Wednesday we left the pension early because we had a lesson.  So we started biking and on our way I saw 2 things that I thought were super funny.  The first was there was a school with probably 200 kids flying kites.  It looked sweet with all of the kites just hanging out up there.  Haha I was thinking of you pops and your beloved ninja turtle kite.  The second was there was a group of 10 year old kids that ran up to a house, in broad daylight, and rang the doorbell and booked it off.  Haha those little doorbell ditchin rascals.  After our lesson we went to the Guarachis and had some Peruvian food for lunch.  They always make the most interesting things.  I will try and get some pictures and some recipes from them.  Anyways after that we went to Fernanda, Bruno, and Santiago.  We talked to them for a while, and then after our lesson we helped them pick some lemons off of their neighbors lemon tree haha.  After that we went looking for some less active members.  We weren’t having too much luck but we finally found an old grandma and her son who had some mental problems.  We walked in and I asked them if I should shut the door, which I immediately regretted, especially when my comp glared at me haha.... my bad... But they were super nice and not dangerous at all so in the end it was a good thing.  After that we went to another menos activos house and talked to her and her daughter.  They made us More or Less things that were like scones.  The first one that I had made me feel a little sick so I didn’t eat another... until they kept asking me if I wanted another.  So I ate that one trying to give some of it to the dog.  And then when I finished that one they asked me if I wanted another one with Dulce de Leche.  I said no I’m fine but they gave me it anyway haha...  We were heading out the door though so I took one bite and started biking off.  As soon as I was out of sight I threw that bad boy into outer space.  
The next day was Thursday.  I can’t remember what we were doing but we had to bring something to the church.  When we got there my companion needed to use the bathroom so I went and started to play some piano.  After I had learned 2 songs (on the right hand of course...) I realized that we had been there for a while.  I went and checked the time and we had been there for almost 45 minutes!  We had missed one of our appts. And I was so dang pissed cause it was the couple that is like Katy and Dan.  So I went and told my comp who was looking at some church stuff on the computer and he told me that it was too late and that we weren’t going out to tract because it was too late and we were going to lunch in 30 minutes.  I told him that he is wasting his time and mine watching videos that we have both seen multiple times and that we need to go work a bit before lunch. So we went out to work.  Woo! I’m learning how to stand up for myself haha.  I was stoked about this but bummed that we missed the leccion.  
Anyways the day after that was pretty normal.  We went to lunch and had Milanese.  This is the second time. We went to a recent convert and taught, after that to albert’s to teach him a little bit more before his baptism and then after that to Fernanda, Bruno, and Santiagos to teach them a little bit more before their baptism too.  
The next day was Friday.  We went to an early morning leccion again and the girl had been reading so much.  We told her to read 1 chapter but she read the testimonies, and a couple of chapters. (Remember this, it is important for later...) It makes our job so dang much easier to teach if they do their homework.  After that we went and had some real good lunch (Milanesa for the 3rd time) and then we went back to the church to do intercambios for the day.  I was going to a different Area with the Zone Leader Elder Prestwich while the 4 of our investigators were being interviewed for baptism and until the next day after lunch.  Elder Prestwich is a baller and I have done an intercambio with him before.  He is the one who reminded me about Affirmations.  I feel like he is an old wise man so I was just trying to soak up all of the wise words that were spilling out of his mouth.  We went to Alejandro Korn and went to go get their bikes that were being fixed.  He had his bike and I had his companions.  Unfortunately his companion is 6 foot 7" and his seat went up about my bellybutton but according to the bro-code I cant change the seat height or position so I just kept it where it was and I was biking the whole time on my tiptoes ha-ha. Elder Prestwich is super energetic so it was fun to see him on the bike jumping over stuff and doing all of these sweet tricks the whole time.  We went to a house that had this apple juice container out front.  He told me that the family makes super good apple juice and that after our lesson we could ask for some.  After our lesson he told me to drink some of the apple juice.  As I walked up to it he started laughing and told me that it wasn’t apple juice but pee samples and that I probably shouldn’t touch it.  I wasn’t going to drink it, I knew that something was up, but I just find it strange that they leave their pee samples outside for everyone to see. Haha anyways after that we went to a menos activos house that looked like a castle.  It was so awesome.  Usually people spend their money on their items in their house and not their house so they have a huge plasma and surround sound but water is dripping through the roof.  But this was the opposite.  Super modest inside but the house was way awesome.  After we talked to them we went to a couple’s house named Marcel y Janina.  They were super super friendly and right off the bat were giving me Rice pudding.  I love it here.  It always reminds me of the Merkley Family party rice pudding and for some reason the Argentines love it too.  Anyways they gave me that and then some fresh bread that they baked and then they taught me how to make it.  They showed me their garden and everything that they planted in it.  They told me that there are a bunch of blackberries here but most of the people hate them and don’t even bother picking them! haha what a waste! I am hoping that I get transferred to an area with blackberry bushes growing on the side of the road sometime in my mission.  Anyways we started to teach them a lesson and they were asking all of these super super deep questions.  It wasn’t until after that I found out that they weren’t baptized because she was married and didn’t get divorced and now they are looking for the guy to make the divorce official so they could get baptized.  Holy so chaotic...  After that we went back to her mom’s house (the castle) and they gave me a sandwich.  I started to eat it and after the second bite they all started to laugh.  When I asked what was so funny they told me that it was cow tongue...  Haha gosh dang those sneaky Argentines sneaking different meats in my meal when I’m not paying attention.  It was actually pretty dang good though so I’m not complaining. 
Haha anyways.  In Korn here are some interesting things that happened to me:
I watched a guy on a horse race a car on the street.
I had a bug fly straight in my mouth while I was biking
And I saw a way sweet flying Pegasus hood ornament
The next day we went and taught some more lessons in Korn.  At lunch we went and had Milanesa with eggs (4th time) and then we booked it back to Guernica.  When I got to Guernica, my companion and I booked it to the church because we had classes of English with Fernanda.  We had 8 people show up and he spent an hour and a half trying to teach them basic English.  It turned out pretty well, especially because Fernanda was studying to be an English teacher.  (Thanks again Megs for your help.)  After our classes of English we had our baptisms!
We had close to 70 people show up for the baptism, which is more than we usually have in sacrament. The only problem was that they all wanted pictures with the people being baptized so it took forever to actually baptize them haha. The first baptism that I did was super easy.  Santiago was a little kid, super light and easy.  The second was a bit harder.  I baptized Albert who was about my height and weight.  I put him under the water and then I lost my footing.  So I was trying to lift him but I only had one foot planted and I almost completely slipped and fell in but I got him up just in time.  He was super super happy and started to cry I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there and patted him on the back for a little.  After I found out that I almost killed the guy because his head was an inch away from the wall and a couple people thought he drilled his head and that is why he was crying haha. But I didn’t so... don’t worry. It was a mad house trying to change with only 2 stalls to change in the men’s and 6 people who needed to change. But things turned out well.  After that they were having a party at Fernanda’s house and they invited us but we figured that we better not.  So we just went home and made some Merkley family sloppy joes.  
On Sunday we had a normal day.  We went to church.  I taught the lesson in 2nd class and then we went to priesthood and to lunch.  After lunch we taught a couple of lessons.  In one of these lessons we were talking about the girl who had been reading a lot.  I told the member that we were teaching how much progress her friend was making and how she had been reading the "3 testigos" (3 testimonies) what I really said was "3 testiculos" (3 testicles).  Ya... things got real awkward after that. Haha gosh dang you Spanish and all of your same sounding words. After that to the Guaratchis and talked to them about getting married and now they are seriously considering it, with us as the people who pronounce them man and wife haha.  That would be so sweet if I could do it.  Anyways they gave us some hot chocolate and then we went home for the night.  
Haha if you count how many times I had milanesa this week I think that I had it 4 or 5 times for lunch this week out of the 7 days.  I’m not sure why but this week everybody decided to make it for lunch.
Thanks for everything. This is about it for the week.  I love you guys, I hope that everything is going well.

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