Friday, October 25, 2013

My Testimony Has Learned Spanish Along With the Rest of Me!

Most of Coleman's letter is responding to these questions that I asked him and also responds to Leena telling a boy in her class that she loves him and he said he loves her:

So, how is the fruit launching going?  And the “challenges”?  I hope you had a good week and learned a lot.  Here are a few questions to answer:
*What were you doing at 2:00 yesterday?
*How are your “conversions” going with your fake investigators?
*How is your companion?
*Any diarrhea this week?
*Did you see Megan before she left?
*What is the best spiritual moment of the week?
*What is the funniest thing you did?
*Who have you learned the most from?
*Best email/story from one of your friends?
*Best surprise?
*How has your testimony grown?
*Are you excited for Texas?

*How is your Spanish coming?

Haha, the time has flown, and also not flown at all. It crawls but flies, its redonk. I did get that package so thank you so much!! Haha, we are stoked for our Halloween party on Sunday, its gonna get real weird here. That is a pretty crazy story haha, the package did somehow get here safe and sound though, which is sweet.
Haha, Leena's Boify needs ta back off haha at least for 2 years until I can give him an interview. Haha, too bad about D's game, those are the worst. Sounds like everyone was doing their own little thing at home haha, as usual.
Haha, of course you told the Missionaries my life story, just like everyone you meet haha. The fruit launching is really good, it gets some fun into the boring days. No more challenges, one of our teacher's got mad at us, so those stopped.
2pm yesterday was real weird. more about that later. Why specifically then haha?
The "investigators" are going good, I am kinda sick of teaching fake ones, I just want to talk to real people.
My comp is the same haha, no differences this week.
No diarrhea, just average. Everyday I eat special K with a sliced up banana, and some yogurt for breakfast, so I guess that keeps me regular or something.
I did see Megan, I talked to her for a little while before she left so that was good, I have some pictures.
We do this cool thing where everyone writes down a question they have and then we randomly open up the BoM randomly and read like 10 verses and everyone's question is answered.
I can't really remember what was the funniest, my district gets real weird sometimes and we all have fun all the days, so maybe everything.. (sorry for the cop out, but you can't do anything about it haha).
My teachers are really great, and they teach me a lot, but I love to talk to the Native Latinos and so we can learn how to talk like a normal person instead of a missionary robot.

Probably the best thing I have received in email was this quote about football, "So if you forgot the football rules, here they are: Basically, there's three grabbers, three taggers, five twig runners, and a player at Whackbat. Center tagger lights a pine cone and chucks it over the basket and the whack-batter tries to hit the cedar stick off the cross rock. Then the twig runners dash back and forth until the pine cone burns out and the umpire calls hotbox. Finally, you count up however many score-downs it adds up to and divide that by nine." Hahaha, I died when I got that. 
There is a great group email going, but not a ton of stories haha, just little jokes and that kind of mischief.
My testimony has learned Spanish along with the rest of me, and I dont know how to give it or pray in English anymore it is weird.
Um Am I excited for TEXAS?!? Do you have to ask?? HAha, yes, I decided the first thing I am going to do  is eat all the crappy fast food I can find in the airport.
Spanish is awesome, I can understand a ton. On the way to the temple I sat next to a native and talked to him the whole way, it was way chill.

I have to get back on the email Sunday and Monday, so you'll hear from me then.
Love ya'll,

 Last Photo Op with Cousin Megan!!

 The Elder in the middle has emailed Eliza!!  Cole showed him her picture and he is a teacher at the CCM!

Our teacher made the rules for the computers, so I am on the posters in every lab forever, its pretty cool.

"One of the guys in my district is way good at drawing, so I snuck the caption in there haha." Rough Translation: Do not erase, Jesus is watching!

 These are some of the ballin natives i love to talk to.

Cole's friend from Brighton, Makenzie Maxfied.

Follow up email to questions about his week:

Friday- So my class in the morning was pretty yucky, but then the Afternoon was way awesome. There were like 100,000,000 fireworks that went off at 5 am so I was way tired all day.

Saturday- More Fireworks at 5, it sounds like world war three, supes hard to stay awake all day.

Sunday- More fireworks, I said goodbye to Megan.

Monday- Nothing Happened. Haha, like literally nothing.

Tuesday- Today was super frustrating. Let the story begin... So our district has a goal to only speak Spanish all day, no English words. there are 10 people, 8 elders who all live in the same house, and 2 hermanas. All the dudes have done 100% Spanish like 6 times, but the hermanas wouldn't do it. It was so frustrating, so when they didn't do it, we all walked out the door and were kinda yelling about it (we are competitive haha don't judge) and they could hear, so everyone was pretty mad at each other and there was a lot of contention. I also sat next to Makenzie Maxfield at the devotional.

Wednesday- Our teacher that we set the goal with made us talk about how we were all pissed at each other, so that took like 4 hours and pretty much everyone was crying and sniffling and whatnot. It was weird.

Thursday- AKA today, I went to the temple, talked to a native on the bus the whole way. It was sweet to go to the temple because I could understand almost everything in Spanish they were saying.

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