Monday, May 19, 2014

A Week Full of Strangeness

I think that the title for this week comes from an Electric Light Orchestra song and it will explain itself in the end.

This week we had an agreement to learn from a member how to make a special Easter bread that they make here a lot.  Unfortunately we had a little miscommunication and I heard at 3 and she heard at 2.  So at 240 we got a call from here saying that she had been waiting for us at the church. So quick as a rabbit we "hopped" on our bikes and started heading to the church.  When we got halfway there I realized that we forgot our cameras. NOOOO!!!! So we turned around and started going back to the pench.  My companion was ahead of me and wanting to get the door opened faster I yelled to him "ELDER, IM GOING TO THROW MY KEYS OVER YOUR SHOULDER! GET READY TO CATCH THEM!"  So he stuck out his hand and I went for the wind up (underhand of course) and I threw the keys to Elder Flinders.  What I did not calculate was the bike handle and how far out it sticks...  And I drilled the bike handle with my hand.  As I went out of control and into the air I realized "man, it probably would have been the same if I had just opened up the door" and then when I finished that thought off I landed straight in the gutter.  The muddy gutter... with a good 10 people watching.  In the end I had to go back, grab some clothes, change, and all that bidness and then we went to go make some bread.  But hey, at least I had my helmet on, right?

Also this week there was a missionary who had never seen a real rubik cube in his life and when he saw mine he asked me if he could have it.  I told him that I would trade it for a knock off if he could get one.  So the next week we met up to trade it off.  I would always play with my rubik cube by tossing it over my shoulder, and not once in 3 years of having it have I dropped it.  When we were meeting up I was tossing it over my shoulder.  My pushups in the morning must really be doing a lot because right as we were about to hand it off I tossed it on my shoulder and it went a lot higher than anticipated and it slipped my grasp and when it hit the ground it shattered, like a glass mirror when someone ugly looks into it (Haha I couldn’t think of another comparison.  Sorry not my best one...)  Anyways the moral of the story is that I broke it and felt like a huge jerk.

This week was just a week full of strangeness.  I don’t know why but we felt like it was just a really really strange dream.  For example, one day we had a lot of set lessons and all of them fell through and then nobody was on the street to talk to, just a lot of fog. Then last night I don’t know what happened.  I fell asleep, like a brick (don’t worry everyone that’s normal) then I woke up at 11 and I had different clothes on and I also didn’t have my watch. I asked my companion if he had seen it or what was going on. He said that we will look for it in the morning and I went back to sleep.  At 11:15 I woke up again and there was a red light flashing in our room and the smoke alarm was going off and I was standing on the ground and I had my watch in my hand.  Haha I don’t know if I am possessed but I was just completely confused and tired so it already didn’t make sense to me.

Anyways, I love you all and I hope that you have a good day and a good week.

Elder Merkley

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