Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elder Cook: April Update

April 7, 2014
Good morning everyone! Things are going well here in Round Rock! We had an awesome week! First of all we got to watch General Conference so that was way good!! I learned a ton and i have so much to work on still! But all the talks were really good! That was just a spiritual boost for the next 6 months! But also we had a really good week with lessons. Also we were able to get 9 new investigators this week so that was really cool! We met this one family a couple of days ago and they let us share a message with all the kids and we taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel and they had a lot of good questions and they were excited for us to come back! Its a great feeling when you find someone that wants to learn of the truth! Satan is always working here though. Its really hard. But we are trying to place a Book of Mormon in every house and President Batt said that if there is a Book of Mormon in every house then it will displace the darkness here and bring the light! It was pretty cool! If only we had copies of the Book of Mormon! We ran out like 3 weeks ago and we still haven't got our order of like 30! Ha we will need more then that! But anyway things are going really well here! There has been some great things happening here! I am grateful to be out here at this time and i love all of you! Ha i miss you guys and i hope things are going well for all of you! I just want to thank all of you for the great examples you have been in my life! All of you! Anyway i have to get going! We are going on another hike today! Sorry no pictures this week. I dint have any new ones! But next week i will send some! Have a great week and i love you all!
Elder Bradley Cook
April 14, 2014
Good morning everyone! Well this week was a really great week! We had a lot of success!! We were able to have 21 lessons and 4 new investigators and a ton of good stuff happened this last week! It was just an awesome week! I was a little sick with a cold but i am a lot better now! But real quick we were able to go out to Round Rock on Friday and that is about 40 miles away from where we live. We hardly go out there because it puts a lot of miles on our truck and also we don't know like anyone out there. But we had a lot of good success there! And also a lot of people that didn't like us and told us to get off their property. But it was still way good! Also we met this one member of the church who hasn't gone in awhile and he had been reading the Book of Mormon in Navajo and that is way cool because most Navajo's cant read Navajo, they can only speak it. But he was way excited to see us and he was pretty cool! His name is Jimmy Winona! Anyway other than that it was just some regular lessons but it was the most this area has ever seen since i have been here! But yeah we are going to Canyon de Chelly this next Monday! Bishop Logan and his family are going to take us because they have the day off from school! We are way excited though! Anyway i have to go! Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Cook
This was a hike we went on

A sweet sunrise behind the Church!
This was a hogan that no one lived at but it looked cool. A little blurry but we see a lot of Hogans out here. That is what a lot of people live in. They are really small. The poverty out here is bad in most places.

Ss on a hike and we found some random old house!
 April 21, 2014
Good evening everyone! Well this last week was pretty good! Easter was really good! How was everyone's Easter?? You should all check out the Easter message on if you haven't already seen it! Its called "Because of Him" and it is really good!So just a quick little summary of last week. We had a call from one of our investigators who was going through a pretty hard time and he said that he and his wife talked and they were asking about baptism! So that was pretty cool! He seemed pretty excited for that. His name is  Keith Smee and they are awesome! Also this Easter was really good! We were fed a lot! Also i am sending pictures of when we went to Canyon De Chelly (Shay)! We went there today! It was really fun! Our Bishop  took us with his family! So that was really fun and it was a really nice view! Also we have Zone Conference tomorrow so i am looking forward to that! We are leaving tonight to Window Rock then we are driving to Gallup the rest of the way in the morning! Anyway we have some pretty sweet investigators and we are excited to invite them all to be baptized! The Book of Mormon is so great and we wouldn't be able to do much work down here without it! I love reading the Book of Mormon every day! Ha i ordered a little one and that's all i carry with me now! I just use my other scriptures for studies now! Anyway sorry i have to go but i hope you all watch the Easter message and i love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Cook
 Pictures of Canyon De Chelly:

April 28, 2014
Well no new pictures this week! But this last week was great! We were able to find 9 new people to teach! We had zone conference this last Tuesday and that was really good! I learned a ton and a lot of problems out here is the ward doesn't do much so they talked about giving the keys back to Bishop and making sure he is involved with everything we do! So we started thinking of ways we could involve him more and then we had Stake Conference this last weekend and they talked about member missionary work and how it is a part of our baptismal covenants that we made to do missionary work! so that was pretty cool! But we talked to Bishop last night and he really wants to get involved now. We didn't have anything to do with it and it worked out really well! So the Bishop is going to be even more awesome now! Also we were able to see Billy this last week and he went through a really hard time and started doubting his faith and then he pulled through and he started praying and reading again so that is really good! He read like 8 chapters one day. He said that he couldn't put it down and so that was cool because the spirit was working on him really well! And there are a lot of great things that are happening now and we are really excited! I hope i stay another transfer or 2! That would be awesome! But today we are going to Lukachukai which is another Elders are and we are going to go fishing there with some fishing poles that an investigator is letting us borrow! And also we are going to have a BBQ there! There is snow up there so that will be awesome! Anyway have a great week and i know there is lot i missed but i don't have time! Ha there is always a lot that is happening and i will try to do my best to email it all! Ha anyway i love you all and enjoy your week! 
Elder Cook

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