Sunday, June 1, 2014

Leaving Ezeiza for the Coast

Holy crappy I forgot to say happy birthday last week and I forgot my agenda so imma try and remember everybody. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCROOGS, PHILLY JO, AND RYKE BRO!!!
Well this week were transfers and guess who got transferred... That’s right my companion.....
...`s companion, or me in other words.  I was dang sad to be leaving Ezeiza, especially some of the members and Elder Flinders too.  It was super super easy to get along with the guy and even our investigators were saying how well we worked together, I laughed more with him than with any other Elder I have been with but change is for the better I guess right?
So I got moved down to a little place called San Clemente. Anyways that is a story for later.

This week Elder Flinders saw me tying my shoes the only way I have ever learned that takes forever.  He asked me if I wanted to learn how to tie it faster and then he taught me.  So now I can tie my shoes faster... and then I found ten dollars.

So on Wednesday my companion and I received confirmation that I was leaving Ezeiza because we were talking with a couple of investigators and we realized that I was heading out from some stuff that they were saying.  So we started to say goodbye to the people that I had come to know in Ezeiza.  It was a rough one but everything is for the best, right?

So I got called to open up an area with a newer missionary named Elder Rodriguez from Brazil.  It is a 5 hour drive from where we were and we were jammed in a tiny little bus but the good thing is that it is like a San Francisco.  The beach is a good 5 minute walk from where I’m at and it has a nice breeze and smell of the beach with bright sunny sunshine shining on my face all day.  The only difference from San Francisco is that 1 there is nobody in the streets cause it is winter here but it is still nice and warm to me. And 2. It isn’t in the United States.  
Anyways we are getting lost a full but ya live and ya learn right? 
The only down side about this is that it is a huge tourist spot so it is crazy expensive.  Looks like imma gonna have to look back on my scrounging days to get by right?  
Well I love you all.  Thanks for everything.  Have a good week and be safe.  
Your friendly neighborhood scrounger man
Elder Andy Merkley

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