Sunday, June 1, 2014

No Payment

Big changes everybody. Big changes. Don’t have a ton of time to write but this week went by way fast. We had a complete miracle haha. We have kinda been teaching this guy named Arturo but not really. He is the son of the mission leader. He was baptized when was a kid but didn’t remember it and had been inactive his whole life. He was going to church with some weirdo apostasy church called the church of god of the prophecy. They have this stupid pastor dude who walks around in pure white clothes and sandals all day preaching whatever he preaches. He had been preaching to Arturo and his family (minus his dad). Way lucky this guy thinks he should get paid to do what he does and was telling them that we get paid as well to be missionaries. So when we went to visit his dad, Arturo was there and his dad asked him if we get paid. We told them ‘No’ and pulled out a scripture about how you shouldn’t receive payment. Ever since then he started going to church with us (aka 3 weeks ago.) He went to conference and liked it a ton. So we were talking to them on Tuesday and he said he knew the church was true and what not. I told him his records weren’t in the church and invited him to get baptized. He accepted and we baptized him yesterday.
In other news I’m leaving Tres Valles! Por fin haha. Everyone says that the heat is even worse in May so even more lucky. I’m going to the city of Veracruz in a part called Reforma. I’m not so sure how lucky this is but I’m going to be training a new missionary and I don’t know the area so that just going to be great fun.. just great. But I’m way excited to go to Veracruz. I’ll up date you guys next week how everything goes. K bye

Elder Kimball

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