Sunday, June 1, 2014

Small World

Well this week was not too bad.  We live super far out of the way of everything so when we have to go to church we have to wake up at like 6 to leave at 7 so that we can catch the bus at 8 and then take the bus and get there at 9.  It’s quite a doosey.  But at least we are seeing a lot of the countryside of Argentina, right?

Something real random that I thought was super funny this week is as we were walking in the streets this week a car honked at us and then waved us over.  As I looked into the car I saw a strangely familiar face.  We started talking and I realized that it was a guy from my last area that we always talked to in the street and he was vacationing in San Clemente. Small world huh?

Something weird about Argentina is that they don’t care where the animals are.  We were in a grocery store. There were dogs sleeping on the ground.
        We went to buy tickets for the bus. There were dogs sleeping on the ground.
         We went into a bank. There were dogs sleeping on the ground.
         We went into an Internet cafe. There were dogs sleeping on the ground.
There are so many dogs that I guess it just doesn’t matter to any of them anymore haha.

This Pday we got the chance to take the bus for 4 hours to go to a zone activity.  We went all the way to a place called Pinamar where the one leaders are.  When we got there I felt like I was in a movie.  It reminded me of the Lodge with all of the pine trees but then there were little parrots flying through the trees.  

We walked to the beach and played sand volleyball for a good 5 hours, I also collected some seashells, we went back to the church, ate some homemade pizza, and watched Monsters University.  After that we hopped back on the bus and headed home.  I would say that it was one of the best P days I have had.

Not that much happened this week.  I gave a talk that I wrote on the bus and it turned out pretty good.  My presidente of the branch reminds me of a Spanish Uncle Chris.  Life is pretty dang good.

I love you all and have a good week.

Love Elder Merkley

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