Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pure Gold

This week I went to the offices to pick up my son as they say in the mission. His name is Elder Castañeda. He’s 19 years old and he’s from Durango Mexico. He’s pretty cool. He’s one of those way excited missionaries whose always way pumped after every lesson and always wants to wear his suit haha.  I’m in the outskirts of the city and about 30 minutes from the beach. It’s so freaking different. The people are almost impossible to contact but the ward completely makes up for it. I went from a ward of 50 active members to 205 active haha. It’s so great. They members here actually know the doctrine of the church and they aren’t saying how they know that God, Jesus, and the Spirit are the same person when they share their testimonies haha. We walked up to a house a house and some lady came running out saying “Oh elders come in come in" and just started talking way fast while writing a list of references for us. Pure gold.  We have to take buses everywhere and its just kind of weird here. I feel like I’m in a movie that takes place in the future but everything is way rundown and evil kinda haha. I have been doing a ton of thinking about my last two areas and what they were like. I’ve decided that I’ve finally put my finger on what my last to areas were like. You know where the aliens live in the movie district 9? That’s what sihuapan and tres valles was like. Just like dirty cat food cans everywhere haha.  Ill try and think of a way to explain what its like here in Veracruz. I love you guys a ton and I'll update you more next week
Love Elder Kimball

PS we have Air Conditioning  #score

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