Monday, May 19, 2014

Let the Sisters Go First

Hey there.
Well this week was pretty dang sweet.  I don’t really remember where we were but we were getting on a train with some other missionaries and some older people at night.  I didn’t want to be a jerk and just shove my way on so I was letting the sisters go first.  So I was the last to get on the train.  When I started taking a step the doors just shut, without a warning, without a sound.  They all just shut. Luckily I was halfway through the door--literally halfway--so I squeezed part through and with the other missionaries pulling me I was able to get most of my body through the door before the train took off.  Haha dang trains.

Anyways this week we had a lot of sweet lessons. The first that I’m gonna explain is Neli y Geno. They are the Grandparents that kinda remind me of the Merkley Grandparents.  Geno told us that he is Catholic and will be forever and ever and will never change his mind.  We taught them and Neli told us that she will go to church and she convinced Geno to come and his response was "Alright, only if you have a taxi pick us up and drop us off. If not, I’m not going."  So he went to church and then the whole way home he was telling us how pleased he was with everything and how he loved church.
Then next time we visited them he asked us if it is a sin to be baptized in our church.  When we told him no he told us "good... I don’t want to be baptized but I was just wondering. Just in case I did want to one day."  He has some knee problems and cant walk so he just rides his bike everywhere. Haha I don’t really know how he does it but he does. 

Anyways, this week we were teaching them about the Blessings and Sacerdocio and he asked us if we could give them a blessing and if I could give it.  So I gave the blessing and things just went smoother than usual.  We said amen and he was crying.  It was the first time that anybody has cried during my blessings.  Haha usually I feel like they can’t understand any of it, but it looks it turned out well or it was so bad that he was crying. Lets just hope that it was the first. And also he told us that he wants to be baptized, woo!

This week we also did intercambios with other missionaries.  We went out into a little city called Las Flores.  It reminded me of a little Heber 3 hours away from where we were.  It was super sweet to go all the way out there but a little long if ya ask me. While I was there I saw a guy wearing a hat that Dmitri martin has when he is pretending to be Da Vinci.  

This week we also received a reference from the sister missionaries.  They told us that we have to pass for some guy named Julio Candia way far out there in our area.  So we thought about it and decided that we might as well.  We went the first time and nobody was there.  So then we went a second time and we found his son and his landlord. They invited us in to have some homemade bread from the brick oven and we started talking.  A little while later Julio came with an amiga. We started talking and he told us that he doesn’t believe in any churches but if we want to talk it is always better to learn a little bit more.  So we taught them and invited them to baptism and church and they accepted woo!  Also they invited us to come teach a couple of their friends and some kids that they invite every week to learn about God on Sunday and then eat some dinner and that we should invite some friends. So they went to church and after the first class he told us "Hey I want to be baptized.  I know that this church is true." My companion and I just looked at each other in absolute amazement.  Shocked we walked to our next class with our jaws hanging on the ground.

That night we went to his house and taught him and his sons and some other friends and things went well.  He told us "some things that I liked about your church or my church now too" and just a bunch of stuff like that.  They gave us a dang good Dutch oven dinner and we brought some banana bread and just had a great night.  As we were going home I told my companion that he is golden.  Then he told me that he is like the giant goose that lays golden eggs.  I don’t know why but I thought it was so dang funny and chuckled myself all the way home.

Anyways.  I will keep you updated.  I love you guys.  Have a good week.

Elder Andy Merkley

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