Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Halleluya and Whack a Mole


Well, I can easily tell you that this week was by far the most interesting week I have had on the mission.

We had a day this week where we had a lesson every single hour and we were gonna teach a full. We started out our day and little by little everybody canceled us... noooooo!!!  We remembered we had a reference we received a good 2 months ago and tried to contact him but he wasn’t ever there.  We went and tried his house, and what do ya know, Walter was there! 

So we went in and started talking. He told us he had just became interested in God and wanted to learn more, woo!  So we started teaching him and things were going great and when we invited him to baptism if he felt the spirit, he told us yes, Woo!  Haha it was so sweet to find him, such an awesome dude after such a crappy day where everything fell through. 

After that we were looking for more people to teach.  We were biking past this super classy old guy (who kinda reminds me of scotty boy Sherwood) named Geraldo.  He was working on his porch and we asked him if he needed help.  We started talking and we found out that he is Evangelista.  We asked him if he wanted to share a little bit of his knowledge with us so he let us in and his whole family was there.  They had a bunch of guitars and we started talking and they told us that they were going to start singing praises. So they started playing the guitar and singing and all that good stuff and it was super sweet. I am going to copy some of the songs and send them to you guys.

After that they told us to come back in a couple of days.  So we went back.  And when we got there we found out that they meant, come back and we will all go to church together.  Haha so we went to their church, and it was SO different... They had flutes, and bases, and guitars, and trumpets, and any instrument you could think of.  And they where all shouting and singing and saying things like "THANK THE LORD HALLELUYA!" and crying and all that good stuff.  My companion and I had no clue what the heck we should do so we just sat super super quiet in the corner and then we sang hymns with them and then they told us that we have to bear our testimony.  So we went in front of the whole church and gave our testimony but only bible based haha we didn’t want to offend anybody quite yet.

Well in other news my bike chain is broken and I have to keep on putting it back on cause it falls off every ten minutes. But look at the bright side, I’m a pro a putting chains on bikes now. And one of the times my comp was trying to help me so he started to flip the bike while I was standing up.  Lets just say that now I know how the moles feel in whack a mole.  Haha it was a good whack but good thing I was wearing my helmet, right?  

I love you all.  I hope that things are good.  Have a good week.


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