Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things are Heating up in Texas

So this week, I probably made one of the worst analogies in missionary history. I was on an exchange (luckily), and we were teaching this family about the Plan of Salvation. There is this grandma like 60-70, senile as ever, a Mom around 40ish, two girls like 17 and 14 and then a little 12-13 year old kid. I was talking about agency and consequences, and the family was not really understanding, so I thought hey, just make up an analogy real quick, then they'll understand. So, I proceeded to make up this little gem: "We all have agency, for example, I could take off my shirt right now. But there are always consequences, like you would probably ask me to leave, right?" It was just dead silent, the Grandma and mom were just staring at me expectantly, one of the girls almost left the room, the mom muttered something about how it was really hot in there and she wouldn't mind, it was just bad. Hahaha, it was so bad. 

Other than that, I had a sweet week. We talked to 106 people this week. Haha, we set a goal of how many people to talk to, and we hit 106, it was way cool. We had investigators at church again, and our district was the top district in the mission for this week, we had an awesome week!

Haha, that is great that you went to Dinner with the Udy's mom and dad. I don't really know what I did to make YMAD people remember me, probably just the same Cole things as usual haha. That is way cool about Mom and Dad's anniversary too. 

That is way sad about Brandon's mom. I guess like Dad said, we are really blessed to know what goes down after this life, and that we can see our loved ones once again. It is pretty awesome to know that, and be able to teach other people about it as well.

Whelp, that's it for this week. Love you all.



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