Wednesday, February 26, 2014

They ARE from God!


Ok well, usually the people here in Argentina can be really really friendly, until you try and talk to them. Then they go colder than the ice monster from the Matterhorn at Disneyland and slam the door in your face. This past week we had more than 20 people come up to us and start talking--little kids, parents, teens, men, women, everyone.  It was such a strange feeling to have somebody start the conversation for a change. I was so thrown off that the first time I didn’t know how to explain myself.

This week we were praying that we could find new people to teach.  Later that day we went to an investigators and she wasn’t there, but there were people across the street looking for something.  So Elder Santos and I went over to go talk to them and see what’s up.  We found out that they had lost a tap to their weed whacker and they couldn’t cut their grass without it. So we tried helping them look and we couldn’t find it anywhere.  So we decided to start a conversation about religion and they automatically shut us down "No no no, we don’t want any of your religion. We don’t want to hear anything" saying stuff like that.  We looked for another good 20 minutes and we didn’t find anything.  So my companion told me "we should just say a prayer. It will be more practical." so we said a prayer with them that we could find their top to the machine so that they could keep on working and finish their lawn.  Not even 20 seconds after the prayer I looked around and found the top under a little rock thing.  They were all amazed and freaking out and after that they were saying "holy $h!? They are from God!" and "when can you guys pass by our house?" and all that bidness.  Haha just a sweet way that the big man answered two of our prayers in the same time.  

In other news we have a pet dog that we have been feeding all of our leftovers along with all of our neighbors who have been doing the same. We named him "Jake." (My companion loves twilight. Cool story huh?

Also we were lost in the streets of our huge area that doesn’t have numbers, only names on the streets and we saw a bunch of guys with yamacas and huge hats. 
My companion started saying "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! LOOK GREEK ORTHODOX JEWS! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SHAKE THE HAND OF A GREEK ORTHODOX JEW!"  So he booked it over to them, like a cheetah chasing his zebra and straight up asked them "Is it ok if I shake your hand?" He did and then we didn’t have anything else to say so we continued on our merry way.

5 minutes later we saw another batch of them and repeated the steps mentioned earlier. 

Anyways I love you guys and I hope that everything is going well.


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