Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trust in God


Not that much happened this week. The first couple of days in the week we had been teaching 4 or 5 lessons in the day and then some of the members called us for service.
And then the next day the Bishop asked us if we could go clean the church for the baptisms the next day.
And then my bike broke and the next day my comps bike broke. 
It made me realize that stats are just stats and that things happen for a reason and we shouldn’t be stressing the whole time about it cause we are here to help everyone.  

First off I wanted to write about a man named Ramon.  We had been praying to find new people to teach.  And of course I love my fruits and I had been eating them alot so we had to go buy some more on a different day than we usually go.  So we went to the fair and looked from one stall to another.  I felt that we should keep on going and not buy at the first stand, so we went on looking at the different tents of fruit.  We went to a tent and when we got there a girl said to us, "I had been looking for the Elders. My husband wants you guys to bless our son."  We looked at each other and said "Bueno, when can we meet up with you guys?" and then we did all that bidness.  

A good week later we went and this man told us that he wants us to bless his son cause their daughter was blessed in the church and she is stronger than an ox but their son who is 2 has a fever every other day and he wants him to be strong like his sister.  So he had me bless him and it went pretty well.  And then after that he said, "Now I want you to bless me." Haha so I got to bless him too and when we finished he was crying and said to me "I have faith that you can change my life.  I trust you." Haha I had absolutely no clue what I should say so I just looked at my comp like "What should I say?" and he just shrugged his shoulders. So I told him that he can change but first he has to trust in God, which I thought was a pretty good answer. But then he said, "No, I trust you." Haha that threw me for a good spin.  So after repeating for a good 5 minutes that he has to trust in god and not me I finally told him "Okay, we are going to start with trusting in me, and then my companion, and then in God, okay?"

The next time we met with him we found out that he is part of a religion called Umbanda from Africa that does sacrifices and worships the devil. And he was asking us where does he begin. So anyways we started teaching him about God and now he is assisting church and reading everything that we leave for him and already he looks dang happy, woo!

Well after we left his house this week he said hi to a guy on the street and he started mumbling angrily and then a good 5 seconds later we saw a rock fly by us haha.  The old guy was throwing rocks at us haha. I think he was drunk but either way I think it was funny.  And don’t worry ma I had my helmet on.

This week I started a shower and then I saw something that looked about the size of 2 quarters crawling on me. I couldn’t see that well but by how fast it was moving I realized that it was a cockroach.  I started to scream in the shower when my comp busted in asking ‘what’s wrong?’ I screamed something like "THE BUG SPRAY. GET ME THE BUG SPRAY!" and then he sprayed me down with bug spray, not the normal bug spray, but the stuff that kills them, which is toxic to humans too.  So I had to run in the shower hold my breath and then spray myself down and then run out and do it all over again until I was clean.

Well, I gotta go.
I love you guys have a great week and be safe.

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