Thursday, January 30, 2014

Elder Cook: December Update


Well I hit my 5 month mark tomorrow! It's crazy how fast it is going! It is going by way to fast and I need it to slow down! But last week was Thanksgiving and it was good! Kind of a slow week for teaching because everyone was out of town but we had two really good Thanksgiving dinners! I ate a lot of gluten free pumpkin pie! But now its December and we are going to look for a tree today to put in our apartment! I am excited! Also we have a baptism on December 14 and it should go through so that will be way cool! I am excited! We had another person that was set to be baptized on the 13th of December but she just barely moved so that was a little sad. But she will still probably be baptized by the other Elders so that is okay! Ha it seems like all of our investigators who are really progressing and ready to be baptized move out of our area. But that is okay! Well I dont have too much more to report on. But all of the friends are doing well! Tanner Hale gets to go skiing on p-day! I am so jealous! But anyway I hope that everyone is doing well and I have a couple of pictures to send off! Love you all and have a great week.
This is a senior couple that just got done with their mission!

We had to knock down all the apples for service
 Elder Cook


Well another week has gone by! It is crazy to see how fast it goes by! But this last week was pretty slow. Not much happened. But we do have a baptism this Friday so that is way exciting! His name is Roger and he is doing really well! He has his interview tomorrow night! But this last week it has been pretty cold and it snowed a little bit!!!!!!!!!!! I miss the snow! But it is Navajo tradition on the first snowfall of the year to go out and bathe in it so we did that and it was pretty cold! But if you do it then you are promised to not get cold the rest of winter. Well you will still get cold but not as cold as you would! But yeah we did it at like 6:45 on Saturday and it was cold! It got down to 5 degrees this morning and it is suppose to get down to 2 degrees tonight or tomorrow night.... But this also on Saturday we went to a stake Christmas party and they had like over 100 nativity scenes on display and across the street was the Luminaries at the college and that was really cool. I got some good pictures and I will send them. Hopefully the computer will work this time! But all is good! Not too much to report on this week! But hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Bradley Cook

Well I have no time today! We went to Mesa Verde today and got back like an hour ago!  But I got the packages and also the baptism was great! But it was a good week and we had a lot of fun at Mesa Verde! But also with skype... It will probably be around 10 or 11 in the morning after breakfast with one of our members. So I hope that works out with everyone! But I have a lot of pictures to send next week! But I hope you all have a great week! Oh and I might be a little late with Christmas presents... But love you all! Talk to ya next week.
Elder Cook
Well sorry about last week! I didn't have much time to email because we went to Mesa Verde and we were gone all day so we had like 10 minutes to email President Batt and also you everyone else! But anyway I feel like a lot has happened this past two weeks! I don't even remember it all already because a lot has been going on! But I will try to get some of it in here! Anyway we had a Baptism! That went great! It was a really good program and he is doing really well! His name is Roger and he had his boss baptize him so that is sweet! He is getting married to a member and one of their goals is to get to the temple and get married! We told him that that is a really good goal! Ha but he is doing really well! Also we were able to go to Mesa Verde last week! That was awesome! They wouldn't let us climb on anything so that was kind of a bummer! But I heard at Choco Mountain that they have ruins there that you can climb all over! So if I ever get transferred over there I can go climb all over those ruins! Ha but I got some good pictures! Anyway I will send those after this email! But also transfers are coming up! On New Years eve is when transfers are and we find out this Saturday! I will probably leave Farmington because this will be my 4th transfer here in Farmington and they usually try to keep you in an area around 6 months! But I might get transferred out to the Reservation! That would be really cool! President brought it up in our interviews and so it might happen! I am excited! But if not this transfer then maybe in a couple of transfers! Also I hit my 6 month mark next week! It is crazy! I am kind of mad though because it is going by way to quick! I had a dream I was home and I was happy to be home but I was kind of sad because I felt like I didn't serve long enough! But then I found out in my dream that I was going back for a year and I was so excited! Ha I am still loving it out here! The work is slow a lot of the time! But it is okay! Also about Skyping, I will probably be skyping around 10 or 11 in the Morning! I will probably give Mom or Dad a call right before I do so I can let you guys know when to get one! I am excited to talk to everyone! Ha it is going to be weird talking to you guys but I am excited! But yeah this last week was good! We had a missionary Christmas party and that was way fun! Also we went to a members home last night for another Christmas party and I got some candles! I am going to miss this area but I am also excited at the same time to go to a new area and experience something new! Anyway I guess that is all for now! I will talk to you guys this Wednesday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a Merry Christmas and also I am sending gifts out today. Hopefully they will be able to get there by Christmas! If not I am sorry.... But love you all and talk to you real soon!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and if I forgot any questions to answer, just ask Wednesday!
Roger's baptism, he is the one next to me!
 Elder Cook

Well I have no time today! My time on my computer just cheated me a couple of minutes so I have no time! But anyway this last week was great! I hope you all got your presents! But I am being transferred out on the Reservation! I leave tomorrow and I am serving in Round Rock in Arizona! It is really close to Chinle! I am in the Chinle zone so on P-days I might go to Chinle! But anyway sorry I have no time! It was really good to talk to all of you and I hope everything is going well! I will send more next week! And also pictures too! Well I love you all and I have to send this before it shuts down on me!
Elder Cook

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