Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tornadoes and Drinking Water Like Pirates Drink Rum

Hi everyone
The conclusion of last week is that later that night we had to go to Alejandro Korn and wait in line to get money.  We heard the train coming so we started bookin it as fast as we could and there was no pavement directly to the train so we had to run on the tracks. (Don’t worry ma, I looked both ways just to make sure that I couldn’t see one.) So both of us were booking it, with our bikes, books, and being in this panic I kept going with it super super close to my body and the pedal caught my pants, I tried taking another step, and I ate it... hard... I said some of the most unchrist like words I have ever said as I scrambled to pick up my stuff off of the train tracks and then try and catch up to my companion.  I am pretty sure that I left some pamphlets and free English classes fliers for the train tracks to read as I was storming off.  I cut my hand and my leg a little bit but the thing that I was most mad about is that my favorite pants that I had cleaned the day before were now dirty and had a little hole... NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My companion didn’t know what to say and when I told him that he has now seen me mad he told me that my mad side is scary... haha dang right its scary.  
Anyways we got back and we started out for our English classes, and there was a fair going on. So being the curious cat that I am, I asked my comp if we could go look through.  So we went in and we heard somebody say "elderes!" We saw a mom and her kids waving to us.  We had no clue who they were but when we went over and talked to them we found out that she hadn’t been to the church for a while and wanted to start going but she wasn’t sure when it started or where it was.  So we gave her the address and all the deets and she ended up coming to church on Sunday.  Anyways we went to classes of English and there was a turn out of 3 people. We had a good lesson of English with the woman and then after that a good lesson of the Word. That night we went to sleep just like normal until at 1 am all of these fireworks started going off.  There was like a 30 minute show of fireworks and they were so dang loud that all of us decided to get up and watch them. We had no other choice... Haha. I thought it was a great day as slowly faded away in my nice warm bed and the party outside played Sweet Dreams by Eurhythmics.

The week of 12/02/13 Monday we played and ate some lunch and then at 4 we decided to go write the family.  So we went to the Civer to write and while we were there the lights started flickering—literally the first 3 minutes we were there.  Then all of the sudden everything just shut off.  So we waited for a little and they came back on for about 30 seconds and then everything shut off again, for good this time.  So we decided to go grab our bikes at the church and see what is up.  When we walked outside we realized that the sky was full of clouds, and not just any clouds, some good ol green clouds.  I had never seen anything like it before.  We booked it to the church when it started to get real windy and then when we were safe inside all, of the lights shut off—all of them.  It was pitch black in the kinda creepy church.  As soon as the lights went out all of these doors and windows started slamming because the wind was picking up and there were a bunch of open windows in the church.  And then it started pouring rain, so as we were all screaming like little kids at Christmas the rain started coming into the building.  So we ran around shutting all of the windows and then it started to lightning and thunder every 2 seconds.  So we figured it was probably better if we just didn’t leave for a little bit.  So we watched the storm around us as tree branches broke off and the wind was just crazy for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Then the storm started to calm down and the sky opened up.  We went outside and there were all sorts of tree debris and other people’s roof on top of the church and all of that good stuff.  So we cleaned up the church for about an hour and then we went back to the pension.  As Elder Gomez and I were walking back to the pension we decided to go through the park. (The other 2 had bikes that worked so they rode to the pension, and we were left to walk.) As we were walking through, there were complete trees that had fallen down and broken off.  So we hurried and took some pictures of the scene.  We got back to the pension and we got a text saying that we couldn’t leave because there were no lights in our zone (which we later found out is because the storm produced several tornadoes, One was across the street from our pension, which means that I have now been in my first tornado!!!!) Anyways there were no lights so we had to stay indoors for the night...until we received a text from a member of the other elders that live with us that she is stuck about 3 hours away, because the trains and buses weren’t running, and that her super old grandma was stuck in the house and she asked us if we could go check up on her.  So we all dressed up in street clothes, not to draw attention and then went out in the dead of the night.  I felt like a shark or a jet from the west side story snapping in unison as we went to a gang fight as the 4 of us walked in a pack in the streets of Argentina but we didn’t get into a fight or do any snapping in unison.  But we went and checked on the grandma and everything was good with her, just a little worried for her granddaughter and the missionaries and then we walked another 20 minutes back to the pension. 
The next day we had no water, no lights, no power, no nada. So we didn’t shower or get ready cause there was no water.  So we went to our reunion, and then to lunch, and then out to teach.  We went with Alex out to teach Marivel and then after that we went around to all of the people in the ward to make sure that everything was ok.  We found out by talking to everybody that they were all in the same situation as we were, no lights, no water, no power.  But there was one family that is less active that had their whole roof cave in.  So after we checked up on everyone we decided to go over to their house.  So we went to Barbis and asked them what we could help them with.  We talked for a bit and then gave them a lesson and they told us that we can come back later to work with them.  So we went back to the pension because the lights were out and studied for a little bit and then when all of the other Elders came back we talked to them about the need of water.  Without any power, there were no stores open... So, we couldn’t buy any water anywhere... So we all were thinking, "where can we go to get some water...?"  And I thought... Lets go to the church! They will have some running water! So we got on our bikes, but there was only one problem, there were only 3 bikes, and 4 of us.... So of course, like usual I had to double up on the bike with another elder.  I sat on the handlebars with the new Elder Delgado, driving us.  He has a lot of laugh attacks so it was pretty funny and chaotic as he tried steering us at the beginning, but after that it was smooth sailing. We got to the church without dying, and then we filled up the bottles and headed back to the Pension.  When we got to the Pension we drank that water like pirates drink rum.
Then next morning we woke up super early to go shower at the apartment of some Elders who got some their water back. So we showered and studied and ate some breakfast, and then we went on our merry way.  When we went to lunch I wasn’t feeling too hot.  We ate and then I told my companion that I wasn’t feeling good and that I needed to lay down.  I was to the point of about to puke over the toilet for 30 minutes while my companion was teaching the lesson.  After that my companion told me that he was feeling the same way. So we went and taught a little bit more and then we got a text from our leaders that was saying that there are a bunch of people getting together to go raid a bunch of stores so we had to return to the pension.  When we got there we found out that the other Elders were already there and that they were feeling the same way.  We pieced together that the church filter works only with power and without the filter we were just drinking bad water and now we are all sick... CURSE YOU BAD WATER!!!
The next day my comp woke up and had a fever of 40 which is about 102 degrees haha so we stayed inside. Later that night he was getting a bit worse so I gave him a blessing and he calmed down a bit which I thought was sweet.  
The next day we went out for a bit but then he was feeling the same so we ended up going back and just talking about faith and what it means and how he was converted.  It was a pretty interesting talk.  He told me that his dad was a minister of the Adventist church and that when he found that my comp was baptized he broke his keys to his house, took away his car, kicked him out of the house, and didn’t talk to him for a year and now after praying a bunch and talking with his dad for the past year his dad is going to be baptized haha. Crazy how big of a change took place in one year.
Haha anyways, that is why we had so much chaos last week.  I love you guys and I hope everything is well.


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