Monday, January 6, 2014

The Field of Cana

So I sadly left my elder Gonzalez. (He was so freaking awesome.) I made my way to Tres Valles. It's not really jungle anymore but there are mosquitos off the hook here. I’ve learned very very very quickly to put repellent on haha. It’s basically a city so that’s good but everyone here works in the fields of sugar cane. I can’t believe how much sugar cane is here. There is a huge sugar cane factory.
My new companion is named Elder Correles and he’s from Jalisco Mexico. He’s a pretty good guy but he reminds me a ton of a mix between the guy from the office and the guy Michael Scott hates. (I forgot both of their names.) He’s always kinda stressed about something but I think its pretty funny. He’s only got one more transfer in the mission than I do so we’ve got a ton to learn.
I learned something way freaking awesome this week. On Wednesday we had clase de zona and they taught a way good class about teaching with the spirit and not lessons.  
I went on divisions with Elder Nelson on Friday (our zone leader) and we went to Tierra Blanca. On Friday we visited this lady who had a baptismal date for the next Sunday. She said her daughter was saying she’d all ready been baptized in a different church and she didn’t need it. I was going to start talking about how the church has been restored and yeah de yeah de yeah try and prove how she needs to be baptized with proper authority yeah de yea de yeah. But before I said anything Elder Nelson said, "Well have you prayed about it?" She answered 'yes' and said she received an answer that it was true and no more of the discussion. I thought it was way awesome and we ended up baptizing her that day because we couldn’t on Sunday. Elder Nelson also told me earlier that we study the scriptures not to prove how we are right but to build our testimony. I cant believe how much better my teaching has been.
On Sunday we went to Veracruz for some fireside thing that I thought was kinda boring. But a 70 talked and it was actually really good but it was for the members here. There is this guy named José who works in the field of caña (sugarcane field) and every time we go to see him, he pulls a huge stick of sugar cane out and starts carving it with his machete. After he carves it a good foot and a half, he tells me to grab on the end and he breaks it off. So as of one week I’ve eaten about 4 feet of sugarcane already and it's freaking good. 
Well that’s what I’ve got for this week. Hope you guys are doing good and I love you all

Elder Kimball

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