Monday, January 6, 2014

Leaving Sihuapan

As usual the week flew by and I cant believe its already diciembre. On Monday I got a hair cut and I was a little butthurt about it, but then I realized it was a $1.50 so I wasn’t too butthurt. The next day we went to a member’s house and she started laughing at my hair. She was telling me how funny it looked and sat me down, pulled out her razor and started cutting my hair right there in her living room. So yeah. My hair is kind of a disaster now. The more I pay attention to the clothes here the more I come to realize that all the clothes no one wants from DI are sent here haha. 
On Thursday we went to the temple in Veracruz but we got there late so we couldn’t go through. On Thursday my companion received his patriarchal blessing and let me sit in when he received it. It was pretty cool. The next day we took a photo in front of the temple with the whole mission and after we got to go through. The new video is so so so much better. 
So cambios are this week and I’m leaving Sihuapan. I’m going to a place called Tres Villes, Tierra Blanca. I’m really excited but a little sad at the same time. I really like my companion a ton so I’m praying that all goes well. I’m pretty sure it will so no worries. I leave tomorrow in the morning. We found a bunch of people this week to teach so I hope they get baptized but I won't get to know. Well that’s about what I got for this week. Love you guys a ton and I hope all is going well

Elder Kimball

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