Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fried Pig Skin and Habaneros

Hey guys, Happy New Year!

Haha, so firsties, I thought Mom would like to know that I haven't bitten my nails since last Wednesday, which is a record by far. She always got on me for that so I decided to stop for a week. But on Wednesday I'm goin to town on those bad boys. 

Anyway, this week is a normal week, I never have anything to say anymore except the non-missionary stuff because that is the only thing that ever changes. It was a really good week, and we are finding new investigators and I guess we do spend a lot of time trying to reactivate. It is pretty cold here, and the cold in Texas is way different from the cold in Utah, but I don't really need a coat or anything, I should be fine.

 Elder Long and I have a few more weeks together until he goes homesies. That is really cool about G-ma and G-pa, haha they did that forever it seems like.

Anyweigh, this week was pretty normal, except for Saturday. I went on exchange to a bike area that morning. We went to Jack in the Box, then did service with some English elders. On the way back, one of the elders pulled out 2 boxes of Kool-Aid, and asked if I was down to do the Kool-Aid challenge. You think I wasn't down? Course I was, 6:29. Then I threw it all up. After that, we were riding around on our bikes, and the Elder I was with was a super fast guy on his bike, so I was following him, and he popped up onto a curb. I was comin in hot and clipped my pedal on this telephone pole so I took a little tumble... After a short ride in the ambulance to the ER, they said I was fine. Just kidding haha, no ambulance, no ER. Anywhey, I broke the pedal on impact, and took it into a bike shop, where they checked it out and said that the central crank was broken, or something. The thingy that goes in between the pedals, and it should be about $40 to fix. I feel so bad, and I don't really know what to do? It isn't that bad and I can still ride it around, but I don't really know what to do about the bike... Sorry again, I feel way bad. 

After that, I ate some fried pig skin and a habanero pepper. So that was a pretty eventful day. Hope you Had a Fun Week! Happy Birthday Month Mom!

Love, Colembre

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