Monday, January 6, 2014

Who Ate My Fruitcake??

Well, this week was pretty dang eventful.  My companion is sometimes strict and was saying stuff like "You can only talk to your family for 40 minutes for Christmas." When I told him “Okay but I’m gonna make two 40 minute calls cause my family is split up,” he told me I am going to have to make 20 minute calls. When he called his mom he talked for 10 minutes, then for 20 then for 30 and 40 and 50 and then finally at 1 hour until he ran out of money and couldn’t talk any longer.  Haha 20 minutes my eye. The next day we went to the house of Alex and Skyped on their computer. I got to see my whole family and the changes in their lives. 
That night we went home and talked to the other Elders of Numancia.  We made empanadas with them and at 12 there were a butt load of fireworks going off and it was so dang hot that we all got up and watched them. Argentines are looking for any chance to light fireworks so in the last 3 weeks we have had 3 or 4 firework displays right outside of our window. As soon as the firework show ends, without fail the fire truck alarm goes off for the next 30 minutes and just wails and wails in the dark of the night. Haha kinda annoying but a little funny that something always ends up catching fire.
The next morning we woke up and Elder Gomez was asking us "Who ate all of my fruit cake?" He asked us like 3 times and we never found the culprit.  He shared the rest of it with me and we ate a good chunk of that bad boy.  That night after working all day we came into the pension and while walking in the door we heard something at the window. Then it made a bunch of noise and saw a cat booking out of there. We looked down and that sneaky kitty had eaten the rest of the fruitcake. We found our man.
A couple of weeks ago I was walking past a fruit store and the guys carrying a crate dropped all of these fruits so I stopped to help them out while my companion kept on walking.  After they thanked me but I was in such a rush catching up to my companion so I just said " ITS NOTHING. CONGRATULATIONS! BYE!" I don’t know why I said congratulations, I just did ok?
The next day things were getting pretty slim, first because it was the end of the month and second because I used 250 of my 1000 pesos for the month on Christmas presents for the members so I had no money.  (I think that I bought 15 ties and made a good 200 cookies for all of them haha.) We were walking past the people I helped and were talking about what we should do because we don’t have any money for food. And the guys started saying, "Hey look! Its congratulations!" Haha I felt a little bit stupid because I knew what they were talking about. We talked to them and they found out we had no money so they just gave us a bunch of bananas! Haha what great guys. I guess what goes around comes around, right?
Thursday we didn’t have bikes because my comp`s bike tire popped so we had to fix it.  While we were walking to our lunch we passed over the train tracks and we could see the train far off in the distance.  My comp stopped and asked if I had any money. Then we put the money on the tracks and ran around for 10 minutes giggling like little girls waiting for the train.  Finally the train came and ran over our money and we booked it over to find them and we couldn’t.  We spent a good 10 more minutes looking for the money when the people who invited us to lunch saw us running around on the tracks and the husband ran over and joined us giggling like girls.  With his hawk eyes he found them both in 2 minutes and now I have my first money run over by a train! Woo!
On Saturday there is a faria where you can buy fruit for super cheap. So Elder Delgado and I went over and bought ourselves a good watermelon and rode our bikes back.  There is a tent that sells clothes and I always say hi to the people that work there.  So we rode by them and as I was waving to them and I wasn’t paying attention, little by little I drove straight onto the curb and turfed it super hard. And then when I tried getting up my leg was caught so I fell again right in front of them and looked like a complete idiot haha.Anyways after that we went to Alex’s to make some lunch.  There is a stronger type of jalapenos here and it was my job to cut them and deseed them.  As I was cutting them, I found it was a lot faster and easier to deseed with my hands.  After I finished all 20 I washed my face and talked.  About 20 minutes later I started to feel the burn.  Ask me if my face and hands burned for the next 20 hours.  Ask me…Well, I gotta head out but I hope everything is going well.  I love you all and will write again next week.

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