Monday, January 6, 2014

No Bible Bashing

Sorry I didn’t write anything last week so ill try and catch you guys up on everything. First of all there is a senor couple that is serving here and they put together a thanksgiving here in the zone for all the missionaries so that was pretty great. I think it was the first time I hadn’t eaten tortillas and grease.
So last week on Monday we visited a members house and they have a raccoon as a pet. Who knows what happened to it but both of its back legs are broken and it crawls around the house like the dog from family guy. When I asked the members about its broken legs they say, "no yeah he’s fine. He’s just a little hurt right now but he’ll be alright." its really sad but kinda really funny to see a raccoon crawl around in a house.
The next day we were in the street knocking on doors and this kid about 20 years old, a member, and is a mute (like he cant talk) walked up to us in the street started clicking his tongue and giving hi fives like usual. I have no clue where the kid lives or what his name is but we know he is a member because there is a photo on the fridge of him and other missionaries on the day of his baptism. He never goes to church or anything but I thought I might ask him if he know of anyone we could share our message with and he said ‘uh huh’ (yes) and started pointing in some direction. I asked him if he could write the address down and he indicated that he could so I gave him my planner. He wrote like a Nike sign and then like a v or an n and then just like a bunch of lines (it looked like Hebrew) and started to try and explain where it was. I guess you kinda had to be there because it was super funny and bizarre. Yesterday this guy who is investigating the church wanted to talk to someone about the church so he had us come with him. We didn’t know where we were going but we followed this guy to a house where some lady took us to The Church of God of Israel. We went into this chafe church and sat down and this pastor came in. we talked for a few minutes and then started talking about the bible. The whole time I was thinking ‘this is such a bad idea.’ but we started talking and this guy started crashing on the Mormons and explaining how his church was this and that. After like 15 minutes of him talking my comp and I pulled out the scriptures and gave him responses to all of his questions and basically proved that our church is the true church and his face got way way red and I could tell he kinda felt dumb. We didn’t bible bash really because there was no contention (for the most part) but supposedly he wants to meet up with us again next Sunday so well see how that goes. The guy who is investigating the church practically knows everything about the bible and when we finished talking he said ‘how do you guys baptize?’ (To the pastor) and he said " the same as the Mormons." the investigator said "well good. I guess ill get baptized by the Mormons."
That’s about all I got for this week. I hope you guys are doing well. I love you all a ton

Elder Kimball

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