Tuesday, January 21, 2014

H@PPY B!RTHD@Y M0M!!!1!11!!1!

Hey guise, sorry about not emailing yesterday. We couldn't because of the whole MLK celebrating diversity and whatnot. But sorry if I scared you or something haha. Haha Mom, I would love to work aka ski all day, I miss that a ton sometimes. It sucks about D-Train though, I bet he is not super happy about that at all.. I never liked ice skating because it hurt my ankles and my straight pride, but mostly my ankles. Speaking of homosexuals, I heard Utah allowed gay marriage or something? Weird. I don't really wanna go home that much anymore haha. I didn't have my camera for the bunny farm ,but if we can we'll go back and take pictures one day. David got engaged? Haha, that is so weird, he is the 1st engagement of my mission... 

So whenever you go into a new area, there is always something going on, but not always people progressing, so you pretty much almost start over like every monthish from what i've seen. I don't know if that answers your question.. We get a monthly limit for miles so it is something to budget, but we usually do pretty well. 

Elder Long is going home on Thursday, haha so my new comp comes Wednesday. His name is Elder Henderson, and I've heard he is a really cool guy and a great missionary, so I'm excited. He goes home after next transfer. 

Happy Birthday mom, this week was pretty cool. I wrote mom a letter and sent it to her on Monday, so I hope she gets it by Saturday!

Love, Cole

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