Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Way Sweet Sunset


Alright well... 
Strange to think I'm going on my 5th week right now right?  In a week and a half I will be on my way outta here, but without my visa there is a slight chance that I could end up in texas haha...  I think I will get my reassignment next wednesday or thursday...  Any guesses?  I have a feeling that part of my district will be going to Illinois or Alabama for some strange reason.  We will see if I call it right.  
Thanks for the packages.  I feel like its Christmas every time I get one. Thanks for the pep talks all of you who have given me them.  It is pretty hard some days and it is just good to hear some positive thoughts for once, ya know?
I heard from one of the leaders of our group that a lot of Utah is on fire? what is going on?  I thought it was just a way sweet sunset.  

Well... This week was way fast.  We had some good lessons.  The language is coming along better but still hard.  We listened to a way good talk from Elder R. Scott.  We went to the temple today and that's about it.  My district is sweet.  I'm the oldest by like 9 months but they are all cool guys.  A little crazy at times but still way great guys.  
This week I got a couple packages, and then a kid who literally got a package from his family every single day the whole six weeks he was here left and gave us like 4 boxes of just huge bags of candy, and nuts, and balls, frisbees, games, etc.... So I went from not too much to living like a king haha. 
For some reason I have been dreaming like crazy since I have been here and I guess it is getting worse cause 2 nights ago I said "No Entre... the last time I did that my toes got cut off...." haha at least I'm dreaming in spanglish, right?
Well, I love you all.  Thanks for helping me get through the MTC.
Talk to ya later


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