Monday, August 5, 2013

Andy's 2nd week in MTC

hellooo everyone...  

Welll....nothin to exciting this week...  Will you guys help me get some of my friends emails and addresses cause I can't write anybody until I get their addresses...  Will somebody send me the lyrics to Sitting at the dock of the bay and to any of the newsies songs?  That is what has been stuck in my head besides called to serve him but I'm learning how to cover that up cause everybody just sings that 24/7 around here.  I don't think I have gone a single day without hearing it...  Thanks for the package everybody. 

this week has been pretty average...  Wake up, workout, eat, go to class, eat, go to class, eat, go to class, sleep...  pretty much every day.  I am loving the letters and also do you guys think that you could send me a couple pictures of the t-ball team shrunk down like to the wallet sizes?  Did you guys know that one of the t-ball teams parents wrote me?  haha so dang nice... Sare I would like one of your great and spacious building pictures, if possible, also some pictures of like some animals so that I can learn to doodle them?  Haha I know super random but I have some boring dayzzz here.  

I am going to go stake out and watch for tanner today.  I looked around and found the russians and I found out where tan is going to be staying so tell mark and julie that i will help the little guy under my wing.  

Well spanish is coming along well,  I had no clue what to say to investigators the first couple of days but now I can pipe in every once in a while haha.  It's so dang hard but If I listen I know what they are saying like 70 percent of the time.  Conjugatons are killing me but I will get them sooner or later.  

Danny boy kimball leaves for Mexico so I am going to go visit him this sunday and try and get some snacks and whatnot for him, do it just like we used to up at Utah State haha.  Anyways this is how my week is going.  
Love you guys.  I miss you every day.  I hope things are well, Love you guys.

Your hombre,

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