Friday, August 9, 2013

Is that the bulletproof alarm clock?

Hey there everyone.  Thanks for the packages, they are great.  This week was the exact same as last week.  My spanish is getting better but a couple of times in our lessons this week I kept on asking "Cree en Dias?" (Do you believe in God) and then the guy just looked at me and so I repeated my question a couple of times, It wasn't until my companero asked me "what are you trying to say?  You have just been asking him do you believe in Days over and over" haha ya... it wasn't until then that I realized god is Dios and days is Dias... That's pretty much how it has been.  I kicked trash one day and was so stoked and then the next day I didn't understand a single word.  My companion is way good at the piano so it is making me want to learn the guitar or piano even more when I get home or maybe out here in the field haha. 
How is the family?  Thanks for the letters that have been sent so far it helps me get through some of the rough dayz. My new email is

This week we watched a performance of a violinist who went to Juliard haha it reminded me of the watkins and Megs a lot.  My teacher is super into working out so we have been talking about a workout routine so when I get home I can get back in shape haha.  
Well some funny things this week.  My roommates keep on telling me that I keep on yelling in my sleep and start talking about how to teach, haha. You can guess what is on my mind.  Also for some reason I have been having really strange dreams pretty much every night.  Also this week I guess when it was time to wake up I asked "Is that the bulletproof alarm clock that the sisters gave us?"  Sorry that you had to deal with that when I was younger, mom and dad.
I sat next to tanner yesterday, way fun.  We saw danny boy off this week.  It was way cool. I'm gonna miss the guy. Well that's it from me. 
Love you guys.


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