Monday, August 5, 2013

Andy's first MTC letter home (should be dated 24 July 2013)

This week was good.  Really hard at the beginning. and I was pretty frustrated at the language because when we would go into a lesson to teach in spanish the guy would talk and I would just look at my companion and ask "did you understand any of that?"  My companion is a copy of sky duke the first day I was here I heard at least 7 tall jokes about him.  He is 6'7" and kinda quiet until you start talking to him then he cracks some jokes and whatnot.  he is great at spanish which is great and not so great cause i kinda bank on him a little bit to much but I am learning a lot from him.  I am kinda learning how to piece together a sentence.  ya.... remember those 2 years of spanish that I took?  haha i do not think they have helped me at all so far.  I remember the most random things but not the most vital words.  I feel like we have been doing something at all times of the day.  You wake up, run to something, run to something else, shovel breakfast and lunch in your mouth,  run to something else, run to dinner, shovel dinner in your mouth, run to our room which is actually an oven.  And then run home and sleep.  It's weird though... even though I am so dang tired for the first time in my life I can't fall asleep as soon as I hit my pillow.  It is really really weird...  
Well... We had 10 elders in our district at the beginning of the week and they are all ballers.  we didn't all have everything in common but they were pretty easy to get along with.  Yesterday 3 kids that I really liked from California, Georgia, and Texas all tested out of the beginning spanish and into the intermediate.  The one that I really got along with from california almost got transferred into the advanced class which means that he would be leaving in 7 days instead of 5 more weeks.  haha that would be crazy... Anyways, one of them was the district leader so they had to choose a new one yesterday...
I have seen Danny here a couple of times and we were able to work out some sort of schedule.  Tan comes in next week and I ran into shaun today. 
Everybody has started calling me Conejito or Lindo.  Conejito is little bunny because of all of the fruit and veggies that I'm eating and Lindo is pretty cause they think i'm a pretty boy haha. 
The district was joining the choir so I did too.  Pops I'm sorry I never did it with you when I was younger I actually kinda like it.
Thanks for the letters.  The first week was pretty rough but they definitely made it better.  Sorry for having both sets of car keys in the MTC.  haha... my bad.

Love Andy

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