Friday, August 9, 2013

Elder Cook Update!

Here is Brad's first letter from the MTC! Capitalization and needed periods, commas, and general grammar errors have been added or fixed :) Well, most of them. I could only change so much without feeling like I was re-writing his letter! This letter is dated July 9, 2013.

....The MTC is really fun and my first day was probably one of the longest days I have had in my life...So on Wednesday when you dropped me off, I walked around with a host and he showed me around. At first it was all confusing where everything is but now I have it down like a pro. Later that day I met my companion and his name is Elder Nishimoto. At first I thought that he wasn't going to be able to speak English which scared me a little but then I met him and he is from Seattle, Washington and we are getting along great. Well yeah the first day was pretty uneventful, sorry mom but there is just not enough time for me to write ever single detail. But the next day we had our first classroom session and it was great. Long, but great. There is just so much to learn here in the MTC and I feel like they don't give us enough time to prepare for lessons, but it is getting easier. Also on Thursday we got the chance to teach our first MTC investigator which was just out classroom teacher but they couldn't help us at all and they were pretty good at acting. It was pretty scary. The rest of Thursday was just classroom and studying until we had a 4th of July devotional and it was a good experience. They had really good speakers and after we were able to watch a movie and we watched 17 Miracles so that was good. The movie ended around 10 and after that everyone went outside and watched the stadium of fire fireworks and they were good but I was just so tired that whole day that I just wanted to go to bed the whole time. On Friday me and my companion were assigned to be zone leaders so that is good I guess. We have to do a lot of stuff along with studying so it is very stressful sometimes but it always turns out great. Friday was just classroom and meeting our branch presidents and they are really nice and helpful. I remember that weekend being really stressful because there was just so much to do and so little time. We were able to practice teaching our MTC investigators and it was still scary but we did alright. I remember the whole weekend that we were just trying to get to Sunday because it was a more relaxing day.....Sunday was great and we had a Sunday devotional with two amazing speakers, then we watched Elder Bednar talk on a video and both of those experiences were really good and I enjoy devotionals all the time because the MTC gets really good speakers. Monday we taught our first TRC investigator which is more like real life. These investigators are paid to stay at the MTC all day and stay in character of how we teach them and some are actually non-members so it is pretty scary to think that we are teaching real non-members. But long story short, we went in to our first lesson and followed the spirit and it turned out great. It got very emotional in there. But yeah Tuesdays are my p-days and that is today for me and we have another devotional today. We leave Monday at 3.30 and p-days are Mondays in the field.

This next letter is Brad's 2nd P-Day outside of the MTC, Brad is currently in the Farmington, New Mexico 7th Ward and this letter is dated July 29, 2013.

Well hello everyone! How is everyone doing? I miss you all and I hope everything is going good!....This last week was a good one! Well to start off, the guy that I committed to be baptized is doing very well! He went to church yesterday again and he loves it! We have to stop by almost everyday to check on how he is doing with getting over his addiction! And so far he is doing great! He is still on date for August 31. So hopefully it goes well. But we have 4 others who are on date but our main focus is Jamie right now because he is showing the most progression. I get to lead the first lesson now to give me practice which is pretty scary because its the real deal but so far it has been going well! We had 18 lessons this past week which is really good for our area and we had 3 at church yesterday! But yeah we are doing a lot of hard work and it is really tiring but I am getting used to the schedule and now I have a lot more energy! Also I have started memorizing a scripture a day!! So far I am at three memorized so hopefully I can keep it up! Ha but yesterday it was raining really hard and we were riding our bikes in it and it was really muddy and so my white shirt from yesterday has mud all over it from the tires flicking muddy water on us! We were soaking wet when we got to our appointment and then when we got there it was really sunny and there was a rainbow in the background so I took a picture! It's hard to tell on the picture but my shirt was really dirty and we were soaking wet! Also another cool thing is that I am already starting to learn Navajo! We get a half-hour each day to study Navajo and we have some members helping us out with the language also. It's really hard though and it doesn't make much sense. But it is cool!....Everything is going well here and I'm loving it!....Anyway love everyone and I miss you all!!!!!
Elder Cook

Soaking wet with a beautiful rainbow!

Brad with his first companion, Elder Taylor


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