Monday, September 23, 2013

Dodgin some cars

Hello everyone!  
We walked outside the airport (in Buenos Aires) and the air was nice cool and crisp.  It was cold but not bad, exactly like Utah in the spring.  We went on a huge bus tour and saw all of Buenos Aires by a bus.  One thing is that they are some of the worst drivers I have ever seen in my life.  haha The laws are more like guidelines that nobody cares about.  We were stopped at a red line and there was a bus behind us that goes on the other side of the road, passes us, and runs the red.  Haha they just don´t care.  We were in a car and the driver backed into another car, turned around to see if they were there, saw that they weren´t and drove off.  Haha No rules on the road.  I have seen a 2 laner made into a 4.  My bus was going in reverse on a one way.  They don´t stop for pedestrians, just slow down a bit and honk a lot.  
After the bus ride we went to the presidents house and hung out there for the rest of the day.  We had interviews and met the A.P.s and what not.  After that we went to bed. I was lucky enough to be chosen to stay at the presidents with hot water and a fresh breakfast while a couple of the other elders had to go to the elder’s house. 
We woke up, got dressed and had some breakfast.  For lunch we had pizza and then we were introduced to our companions.  They all came in singing Called to Serve in Spanish.  Then the president called out the names real, real slowly to help increase the anticipation.  Finally my name was called out with an Elder Neyra. It was sweet meeting him.  After we met I said goodbye to my homies from the MTC and we got on a train.  We went to my first area Guernica.  It is different here, dirt and paved roads. There are people who look like they are 100 percent American but then they start speaking Spanish and you realize that they aren’t haha.  So the first night we went to a members house and talked for a bit—(by we, I mean my comp)--and then we went to another members house and talked for a bit, and then back to the first members house and had dinner.  
The next day one of my pench (apartment) mates and I went running for a bit. There is a bakery right below us so we bought some croussants or however the heck you spell that and then ate some eggs and bread.  My area got bikes for the first time this week and I am one of the first elders to have a bike here.  So my comp and I went to teach a less active.  I didn’t understand what he was saying but I was doing my best.  I was staring at the woman that we were teaching, trying to see what they were saying and then her baby started crying.  Right there, in front of me, without thinking twice about it she started breastfeeding haha.  I had absolutely no clue what the heck I should do so I just did my best to look 2 inches above her for the whole lesson.  We had lunch with some of the members. Pasta is very common and I have had it everyday I have been here. When you finish your plate it means that you want more so without asking they stand up and shovel some more on. haha Its good food but I have been eating so much and not working out enough so...  One day we had Carne Asada.  Some of the best meat I have ever had in my entire life.  So good.  After that we talked to them for a little and they had a guitar so I played for a bit.  Then after that we taught some more and then we went to the bishops and ate (We get fed at least once a day)
That’s about it. That’s my life--dodgin some cars, gettin chased by some real freaky dogs, and teaching.  I have seen some real strange things here--like a 8 year old girl with a huge thing of beer or a mom with a kid sitting on the handles, and one standing on the seat and she was crouched in the middle steering.  I was dang impressed with that one.  
I hope everything is well.  I love you.
Yo man,


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