Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tisss is craaap!

We had another baptism yesterday, which was pretty cool. I got to baptize again. We do this thing called a comp exchange where other missionaries in our zone switch for the day and Elder Cortez came to Sihuapan with me. He’s from Argentina and doesn’t speak any English. We were talking to these guys who have been listening to the JTs and they were trying to teach us stuff out of the new world bible--(I’m not really sure because I couldn’t understand)--but I looked at my comp to ask what they were saying and he looked at them like "One moment, I’m going to explain to my companion in English" and then turned to me and said in way broken English "tissss is craaaaap!" I have no clue where he learned that phrase but is was pretty funny. He did it like 3 times and the guys just thought he was translating for me.
We were visiting with this sister who has epilepsy but I didn’t know about it at the time and she was talking for like 25 minutes straight and then all of the sudden just stopped, turns to her side and who the heck knows what happened. It looked like her arm went numb and she started drooling. She grabbed her arm with her other hand and started like hitting it against her lap. This lasted for like 3 minutes and we just sat there watching her. After it stopped she just stood up and walked inside. My comp and I just sat on her front porch for like 2 minutes and then walked in to see if she was alright. She acted like nothing happened and she was doing something in the kitchen. haha every week I’m out here gets better and better because I’m starting to get the hang of things. I know that when I’m following the rules and have the right mind set time flies and I always have a good day. 
I love you a ton and I hope all is well

Elder Kimball

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