Sunday, September 8, 2013

Magic tricks and Ants

Hi! Holy cow! You have no clue what it is like here. I’m in Sihuapan San Andres and its pure jungle and its pure poverty. Everything is jimmy rigged. I always new they Mexican people didn’t have very much and I knew they lived in like tin boxes but it’s a whole different story when you step into the house. I can´t believe how much we have in America. I really cant. A kid asked me how many cars my family had and I told him 2 for the whole family (because I didn’t know how well six would have played out) and he was so shocked we had TWO WHOLE CARS.
I really didn’t like the first few days. I was pretty home sick and I was really frustrated because I can’t understand anyone. I have no clue what anyone is ever saying.... ever. They talk so fast and they have the weirdest accent. I even struggle to understand my companion he’s from Mexico but he can speak a little English so that’s good. I like him a lot. He’s a really good guy and he’s a hard worker. I love the kids here. They are so nice to me and don’t make fun of my Spanish haha. I always show them magic tricks and they´re always trying to figure them out. They say you can baptized some one every week here in Mexico if you work hard. I just need to learn the language first.
I really really really really hate ants. They are freaking everywhere here. When we teach lessons here we always (or at least 90% of the time) teach out side on like boxes and stuff and ants are constantly crawling on everyone. And it’s not just like in front of houses and outside, its everywhere. You should see our apartment it’s crawling with ants. When I wake up I shake the ants off my clothes and basically without fail if I look down I can at least brush on off me. I’ve actually kind of gotten used to it. The food here is actually pretty good. I haven’t missed a day of eating food without mini tortillas or they call them tacos. They are super cheap to make and they love them. The food hasn’t been very spicy to be honest but I tried this pepper that is smaller than your pinky finger and it is like pure acid. I haven’t been sick yet, which is super good. There is like every type of fruit tree imaginable here. Its so freaking cool but it kind of sucks because I can’t pull fruit off the trees because they are in people’s property so it would be stealing.
Here is my address:
Misión México Veracruz
Calle Altamirano #27
Entre 1º de Mayo y Carranza
Col. Flores MagónVeracruz,
Ver 91700

Love Elder Kimball

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